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Here are the From Our Own Correspondent stories from Europe, sorted by date, from January 2010.

20 November 2010

Popular opinion in Italy has turned against Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi amid his deep personal and political problems, reports David Willey.

14 November 2010

Italy's rich cuisine comes under intense scrutiny from a classical Chinese gastronome on a tasting tour with food writer Fuchsia Dunlop.

13 November 2010

Rupert Wingfield Hayes explains why many Russians do not celebrate the fall of communism.

4 November 2010

Mike Wendling experiences the Czech passion for sausages, beer and one obscure historical sporting past-time.

30 October 2010

Rosie Goldsmith explores Istanbul's exploding modern art scene, but finds tension from extremists under the surface.

28 October 2010

Hugh Schofield wonders why French may be the language of love and cuisine but not rock 'n' roll.

23 October 2010

Matthew Price reflects on the battle for the soul of France being waged by its striking workers.

16 October 2010

From Kiev, Humphrey Hawksley finds the harsh realities of life in Ukraine are taking the shine off democracy.

9 October 2010

Pascale Harter asks whether calls for immigrants in Spain to return to their native countries are caused by financial worries or by fears about how the country is changing following high levels of immigration in recent years.

25 Sepetember 2010

Jonathan Head reports on the bitter divide that remains as Armenians gather to pray in Turkey.

16 September 2010

Jonathan Head explains how Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan is establishing himself as the most powerful political figure in his Turkey's recent history.
10 September 2010 Does grim economic reality mean the French may have to change their way of life? Christian Fraser reports from Paris.

13 August 2010

Although Sweden once led the way in welcoming Iraqi refugees, the authorities are now clamping down and Iraqi asylum seekers are increasingly faced with deportation, as Tim Mansel discovered.

31 July 2010

The small Polish town of Oswiecim is trying to move beyond the association with the nearby Nazi death camp, as Chris Bowlby explains.

31 July 2010

Temperatures in Russia this summer have been the highest since records began over 100 years ago and people are certainly feeling the heat, as Martin Vennard discovered.

31 July 2010

In Paris, Hugh Schofield considers how watching a school play revealed the merits and failings of the French education system.

24 July 2010

Trish Flanagan speaks to 90-year-old Tom Frawley who is trying to keep tradition alive through boom and bust.

17 July 2010

Former Paris correspondent Emma Jane Kirby considers how French President Nicolas Sarkozy courts the media and his impact on French journalism.

19 June 2010

Nick Thorpe experiences a slice of life on one of Europe's most famous rivers as water levels continue to rise.

12 June 2010

As a week of rallies and vigils for Catholic priests draws to a close, David Willey reflects on the problems the Church faces in a changing world.

5 June 2010

Turkey has warned it may reduce economic and defence ties with Israel, but Jonathan Head wonders whether destroying the relationship would be the best thing for Turkey.

29 May 2010

As the financial crisis in the eurozone continues, former BBC Europe correspondent David Shukman recalls the optimism that helped launch the euro project.

29 May 2010

Joanna Robertson goes in search of the artist who has been laying down personalised brass blocks in memory of victims of the Nazis for 14 years.

27 May 2010

Paul Mason reflects on how Europe's rising sea of debt threatens to drown the dreams of millions across the continent.

22 May 2010

The River Seine runs through the heart of Paris and divides the city - geographically, emotionally and politically - says Emma-Jane Kirby of the backdrop to her years as BBC correspondent in Paris.

20 May 2010

The disputed territory of South Ossetia remains on edge nearly two years after the Georgia Russia war. Tom Esslemont visited and found that its people are still not ready to put down their weapons.

15 May 2010

On his travels around eastern Europe, the BBC's Nick Thorpe describes his three separate encounters with Sari Saltuq, a 13th Century semi-legendary Turkish dervish.

17 April 2010

Although in mourning for the loss of life in the Russian air disaster, young Poles are philosophical about the political loss that their country now faces.

17 April 2010

Radio 4 announcer Zeb Soanes heads to the endangered Orford Ness lighthouse on England's south coast to read the shipping forecast.

10 April 2010

The USA and Russia are a step closer to nuclear disarmament, after signing the New Start treaty in Prague - but a curious hangover from the threat of nuclear Armageddon is still to be found in the Czech Republic.

3 April 2010

Since the fall of the Taliban regime in 2001, opium production in Afghanistan has risen dramatically. Russia's geographic proximity to the region has made it a huge consumer - sending thousands of Russians to an early grave every year.

20 March 2010

President Sarkozy's recent performance in the popularity polls shows he has his work cut out to win back the affections of the French.

18 March 2010

The Vatican has been forced into breaking its silence on the subject of paedophilia following allegations of sexual abuse by Catholic priests in Germany.

13 March 2010

Children can now be legally noisy in Berlin, prompting Joanna Robertson to compare childhood rules in several major cities.

11 March 2010

Water has been rapidly disappearing in Cyprus since the 1970s, yet despite the warnings, Cypriots don't seem to be taking the shortage as seriously as they should.

6 March 2010

In May 2005, troops in Andijan, Uzbekistan, opened fire on demonstrators. Uzbek authorities threw out all foreign press - including the BBC's Monica Whitlock. Five years on, she meets survivors leading new lives in Sweden.

4 March 2010

Despite being hit the hardest by Spain's economic crisis, family unity and tapas bars are helping the unemployed youth survive the recession.

25 February 2010

Turkey's investigation into alleged military plotting reflects the country's divided secular and religious loyalties explains Jonathan Head.

25 February 2010

French rugby thrives only in the south-west of France, but Chris Bockman finds unease among fans that attempts to spread its appeal could put the famous French flair at risk.

20 February 2010

Bulgaria's new government is taking steps to root out the corruption and organised crime that have affected the country for years. The BBC's Oana Lungescu reports.

13 February 2010

The extent to which the great Ottoman Empire influenced the rest of Europe can still be seen from the buildings it has left behind, explains architecture and design expert Jonathan Glancey.

11 February 2010

As the BBC's Paris bureau moves to new premises, Emma Jane Kirby finds handing over the keys an emotional experience.

11 February 2010

Greece's efforts to tighten the nation's belt is complicated by tax evaders and a population generally suspicious of big government.

6 February 2010

The idea of service is taken very seriously in France where any feeling of subservience is strongly resisted, as Emma Jane Kirby discovered.

4 February 2010

Mark Lowen finds that folklore, legends, old wives' tales and stories of medieval military glory are part of daily life for many Serbians.

28 January 2010

Helsinki will have a new concert hall to take over from the one which has underperformed for nearly 40 years, but not everyone is in favour, as Nick Higham discovered.

23 January 2010

The age of flattery that flourished at the court of Versailles was supposed to have come to an abrupt end with the guillotines 200 years ago. But Hugh Schofield wonders whether it really did.

21 January 2010

In the north-sea German archipelago of Heligoland, a former British colony, Tom Blass finds that there is still anger towards Britain for its treatment of the island amongst the current population.

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