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Here are the From Our Own Correspondent stories from the Asia Pacific region for 2010, sorted by date.

18 December 2010

The BBC's Peter Day encounters a group of angry residents who have lost their home to the developers with the "black hearts".

4 December 2010

In Phnom Penh, Neil Trevithick finds the legacy of the Khmer Rouge is still affecting the lives of Cambodians more than 30 years after the regime was defeated.

27 November 2010

Peter Day meets two automobile magnates who have very different ideas about the future of the industry.

4 November 2010

In Beijing, Damian Grammaticas looks at the population count in China which has shed light on more than one billion lives.

29 October 2010

Peter Day finds resignation and sadness among Chinese farmers who face losing their homes from rising river waters.

14 October 2010

Can Kyrgyzstan's recent parliamentary elections bring the country's different ethnic communities together? asks Rayhan Demytrie.

30 September 2010

Martin Patience reports on how the Chinese middle class are taking to the open road in search of new friends and romance.

10 July 2010

In Beijing, Michael Robinson finds car manufacturers are poised to mount a new challenge to the industry's established giants around the world.

29 May 2010

Despite being given the usual stage-managed, sanitised tour of North Korea, Sue Lloyd-Roberts still got to see why it is the most bizarre country in the world.

27 May 2010

Kate McGeown meets the former first lady of the Philippines, Imelda Marcos, who has just won a seat in Congress at the age of 80.

22 May 2010

Protests in Bangkok have raised questions about a deep division in Thailand and, as Chris Hogg reports, residents of the city remained concerned about the future.

15 May 2010

Nick Bryant reflects on New Zealand's mix of controlled fury, subtle charm and social harmony and asks why the rest of the world can't be more like it.

24 April 2010

Anti-government protests have degenerated into violent clashes in Bangkok - and the bloodshed looks set to continue while the government refuses to back down, Rachel Harvey reports.

10 April 2010

Rayhan Demytrie reports on how opposition rallies against Kyrgyzstan's presidential administration escalated into a fatal confrontation with security forces in the capital, Bishkek.

20 February 2010

Malaysia is proud of its racial and religious diversity. But, as Jennifer Pak discovers, racial tensions are bubbling under the surface.

23 January 2010

Phil Harding reports from the hotel which once symbolised Taiwan's defiance of China, but is now at the centre of its thaw.

21 January 2010

Having vowed to eat everything on offer for research into Chinese food culture, Fuchsia Dunlop recently found this came into conflict with her environmental conscience.

16 January 2010

The children of China's wealthy are getting lessons in elitist sports like golf to give them an edge in the highly-populated country, as Michelle Tsai reports.

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