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Here are the From Our Own Correspondent stories from the Americas for 2010, sorted by date.

18 December 2010

As BBC America correspondent Kevin Connolly prepares to move on to a new post, he bids an affectionate farewell to the good and the bad of American culture.

18 December 2010

Every five years the BBC's Jane O'Brien's husband is re-investigated by the FBI. This year, the agency investigated her.

4 December 2010

The Louisiana oyster industry is suffering from the effects of the Deepwater Horizon oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico months on, Paul Adams reports.

27 November 2010

Infestations of bedbugs have spread across New York and, to Barbara Plett's dismay, the BBC's studios at the United Nations are not immune.

20 November 2010

Justin Rowlatt shares a meal with the Awa tribe of Brazil and learns how vulnerable their village is to deforestation.

13 November 2010

Re-reading Ian Fleming's James Bond books, BBC Washington correspondent Kevin Connolly considers how they reveal the differences between post-war Britain and the US.

30 October 2010

Paul Mason visits the US city of Gary in Indiana where deep-rooted problems remain despite President Obama's fiscal stimulus package.

23 October 2010

Rajesh Mirchandani hitches a ride on a cargo ship taking goods to the remote communities surrounding Canada's Hudson Bay.

14 October 2010

In Medellin, Robin Lustig meets one of the tens of thousands of guerrillas who have put down their weapons and stopped fighting.

2 October 2010

Kevin Connolly considers whether the president of the United States is losing his magic touch, or whether the hectic US electoral system means all presidents are doomed to fail.

25 September 2010

Kevin Connolly reflects on what a disappearing memory of a Las Vegas showman reveals about the health of the American Dream.

18 Setember 2010

US Army cadets face the dilemma of taking one life in order to save the lives of five others, as David Edmonds finds out at the West Point military academy in New York state.

16 September 2010

Zeb Soanes visits a barber's shop in Beverly Hills which boasts of grooming some of Tinsel Town's greatest personalities.

11 September 2010 In October's general elections, Brazilians will vote to elect a successor to President Lula, whose efforts to help the poor have divided opinion in the country, as Will Grant discovered.

13 August 2010

Emma Thomas reports on how a once peaceful and safe part of Mexico is now over-run by violent and dangerous drug gangs.

17 July 2010

Dan Collyns meets a British Catholic missionary battling to stop Peru's government from destroying a jungle city for its natural resources.

17 July 2010

Simon Winchester examines whether America's famous path, the Appalachian Trail, could be extended to Europe and even Africa.

26 June 2010

Lyse Doucet looks back at the career of General Stanley McCrystal and wonders how it all went wrong.

26 June 2010

Huw Cordey joins a group of American storm chasers hot on the trail of 250mph (402kph) "twisters" in Oklahoma.

17 June 2010

Will Grant visited Colombia's island paradise of Providencia where he observed a very unusual sport.

12 June 2010

In Washington, Kevin Connolly considers how when it comes to baseball, the fate and fortunes of whole team can rest on one man.

10 June 2010

Will a new law in Bolivia that gives indigenous communities the right to administer their own justice systems make it harder for them to live alongside each other?

5 June 2010

Stephen Evans finds out how scientists at Stanford University are attempting to turn the car into a friend for life.

1 May 2010

Living in LA means always being alert for the next earthquake and recently, David Willis thought the time had come...

3 April 2010

Daniel Schweimler meets the Argentine man who triggered a chain of events that helped cause the Falklands War - a war he believes could have been avoided.

20 March 2010

With US-Israeli ties at a low ebb over plans to build new homes for settlers in disputed East Jerusalem, Paul Adams wonders if a former secretary of state can offer lessons on Washington's powerful Israel lobby.

13 March 2010

As Barack Obama delivers his angriest performance since he was elected, Mark Mardell asks if America is becoming more divided.

13 March 2010

Huge tented communities have been set up in Haiti and survivors of the earthquake and tremors are making the most of their new life under canvas, which, as the BBC's Christine Finn finds, could be for a long time to come.

11 March 2010

In Havana, one of the last bastions of the committed smoker, Matt Frei experiences Cubans' love affair with the cigar.

6 March 2010

The digital revolution has come to every corner of America, devouring newspapers and magazines by the hundred. But out in the rural counties, a rearguard action is currently being fought.

13 February 2010

For many years, Las Vegas' success as a honey pot for sin-seekers made up for the lack of other trades. But now America's landscape for decadence has expanded beyond this desert oasis, Kevin Connolly finds the city needs a new selling point.

6 February 2010

Katya Adler meets a Mexican widow joining the police on one of the world's most dangerous beats.

30 January 2010

California is suffering from such heavy rains that a state of emergency has been declared in several areas including Los Angeles, as David Willis reports.

28 January 2010

The rocket launch site in French Guiana may be the world's most important commercial satellite spaceport, but Sue Nelson finds that its boom is alienating the locals.

23 January 2010

A huge gulf divides Republicans and Democrats in the USA, so why do Americans love the idea of bipartisan politics so much, asks Mark Mardell?

16 January 2010

The largest number of ice-cream flavours in the world can be sampled in a Venezuelan shop, Will Grant discovers.

09 January 2010

As the USA steps up security measures after the recent mid-air terrorist attempt, Mark Mardell compares the differing reactions to terrorism on both sides of the Atlantic.

09 January 2010

Across the USA, women prisoners are chained while giving birth to prevent them from escaping but states are increasingly abandoning the practice in all but exceptional circumstances, as Laura Trevelyan explains.

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