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Here are the From Our Own Correspondent stories from the Americas for 2009, sorted by date.

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26 December 2009

New Yorkers dress for warmth not style when the big freeze hits and temperatures plummet below zero, Matthew Price finds.

31 October 2009

Gary Younge has discovered that the modern, sugar-coated version of Halloween gives a key insight into American culture.

29 October 2009

As President Obama's bid to reform the healthcare system hits a key milestone, David Willis reports on what it is really like to get health insurance in the US.

17 October 2009

The traditions of America's cowboys are alive and kicking, despite modern technology encroaching on their way of life, as Kevin Connolly reports from America's Great Plains.

8 October 2009

Venezuela's national park inspired a 1912 book about a prehistoric world but, as Will Grant discovered, modern life is creeping in.

5 October 2009

Jonathan Marcus visits the city's newest park, built on the High Line, an old elevated railway line snaking its way through Manhattan.

12 September 2009

In Las Vegas, Stephen Evans meets a man who is recruiting Thomas Jefferson in his opposition to President Obama's healthcare reforms.

29 August 2009

Through good times and bad, the Argentines find strength in dancing the tango, explains Candace Piette.

15 August 2009

As international carmakers scramble to find a viable alternative to petrol vehicles, Bolivia hopes its lithium reserves may hold the key to new-found wealth and political influence, as Peter Day reports.

1 August 2009

As Justin Webb prepares to come home after several years in the USA, he reflects on some of the country's qualities and idiosyncrasies.

9 July 2009

Before heading back to the UK, Washington correspondent James Coomarasamy, had a yard sale and discovered it revealed an interesting glimpse into the human condition.

4 July 2009

As President Barack Obama heads to Moscow to try to rebuild ties that have reached Cold War depths, Rupert Wingfied-Hayes tries to judge the US leader's uphill task.

4 July 2009

As the US marks its Independence Day, the BBC's Kevin Connolly gives his list of reasons why America should be celebrated.

2 July 2009

In Honduran capital, Tegucigalpa, Stephen Gibbs finds out what people think of the coup which exiled President Manuel Zelaya.

20 June 2009

James Coomarasamy hears how one US couple are coping with their son's death, two years after he was killed in Iraq.

6 June 2009

As General Motors becomes the biggest industrial bankruptcy in the history of the US, Greg Wood assesses the impact on Detroit.

30 May 2009

Expect Barack Obama to reach out to Muslims but also to challenge them when he makes his speech in Cairo, the BBC's Justin Webb writes.

23 May 2009

Cutting edge research into the cure for Parkinson's Disease has also been hit by the fall of Bernard Madoff as James Coomarasamy explains.

23 May 2009

Travelling through Oklahoma, Kevin Connolly remembers the life of Cherokee-American Will Rogers, a star of silent and talking movies.

2 May 2009

Matthew Price finds apprehension and uncertainty over the swine flu outbreak in Mexico City.

21 March 2009

Up to 40,000 people in Utah live in polygamous families, but under US law polygamy is a felony crime. Humphrey Hawksley met the families campaigning for a change in the law.

7 March 2009

In Washington, Kevin Connolly tries to navigate the minefield of leaving a tip.

21 February 2009

Matthew Price explains why the noise in New York never pauses for breath.

31 January 2009

Lorraine Mallinder finds that Canada is struggling to come to terms with the legacy of its residential school system.

17 January 2009

Having experienced the US health system first-hand, Justin Webb begins to think about the 15% of Americans who must endure the added burden of being uninsured.

3 January 2009

The son of Cuban exiles living in the US, the BBC's Americas editor Emilio San Pedro talks about growing up in a proud immigrant community.

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