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Last Updated: Thursday, 28 December 2006, 13:40 GMT
Flight facts
Iceberg melts as a result of global warming

Are you a carbon criminal or an eco-warrior? Find out the facts about the aviation industry by taking the Should I Really Give Up Flying quiz and see why every mile flown is at a cost.

Question 1
How many low cost airlines operate in the UK?
A: 32
B: 42
C: 52
Question 2
A flight from London to Malaga emits how many tonnes of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere?
A: 2.7 tonnes
B: 7 tonnes
C: 17 tonnes
Question 3
What percentage, according to forecasts, of the UK's contribution to global warming could air travel make by 2030?
A: 15%
B: 25%
C: 35%
Question 4
How many people passed through UK airports for their Christmas break?
A: Three million
B: Six million
C: Nine million
Question 5
What percentage of UK passengers annually are business travellers?
A: 25%
B: 35%
C: 55%
Question 6
How many low cost flights were booked in the UK in 2006?
A: 37 million
B: 57 million
C: 77 million
Question 7
The UK government aims to cut what percentage of carbon dioxide emissions by 2050?
A: 20%
B: 40%
C: 60%
Question 8
Passenger traffic at London's five airports grew in 2005 by?
A: 4%
B: 8%
C: 12%
Question 9
Passenger traffic at the UK's regional airports has risen from 47 million in 1995 to what figure in 2005?
A: 65 million
B: 85 million
C: 95 million
Question 10
The total freight and mail tonnes carried from UK airports in 2005 was?
A: 2.6 million tonnes
B: 3.6 million tonnes
C: 4.6 million tonnes

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