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I congratulate you for your courage in exposing this scandal...This is a time when I can truly say that I am proud of the BBC
David Mitchell, UK
Congratulations on your programme and the courage it takes to investigate such critical issues. I congratulate you and your team.
Miss Laurence Renard, France

Outstanding work regarding corruption in Iraq. You gave me one of those "proud of the BBC" moments. BBC news has not previously given the story sufficient coverage in my opinion.
Mike Benso, UK

Given the massive loss of Iraqi money since the coalition began ruling the country, one could be forgiven for thinking that the wheeler dealer character Milo from the book Catch 22 was in charge of CPA financial management. Well done File on 4 - excellent investigative reporting again!
Neil Cole, UK

This evening's File on 4: Brilliant! I hope it reaches the US.
Alec Gordon, UK

Thank you so much for providing such a wealth of unbiased news. It can be very hard to find that these days.
Natalie Goodwin, USA

Your File on Four on Iraqi corruption Feb 6 was a first-class investigation. If I had been Editor of BBC TV News, I would have ripped you door off its hinges to get it for my 10pm News. Regards, David Nicholas, Former Editor, ITN.
Sir David Nicholas, UK

Your programme on corruption in Iraq came 24 hours after the BBC announced that the US had given the thumbs down to Gordon Brown's plan for 100% debt cancellation for developing countries where 30.000 children die from needless poverty every day. The excuse for non-cancellation: corruption would waylay the funds. Its funny, but not comical, how the US sees the speck in the eye of poor countries but is blind to (or blinded by ?) the plank in its own.
Maire Kelly, Ireland

I'm a US citizen but reside in the UK. I would like every senator and representative in the US Congress to hear your report. It sickens me to learn of all the lies and now the corruption. Did I expect anything else from this administration?
Virginia Kramer, UK

Congratulations on yet another excellent File on 4. Such journalism deserves a wider and more diverse audience than the one I suspect Radio 4 commands. Many of the issues File on 4 deals with, never seem to appear elsewhere. For example, the programme revealing the ownership of Britain¿s¿ railway rolling stock is a story I¿ve seen nowhere else. Perhaps the BBC should consider a TV format for the programme, where inform more of us with its critical findings?
Ray Corbishley, Surrey

It is shocking to hear how this level of corruption can exist and apparently be allowed to remain unresolved. Michael Moor in his film Farenheit 9/11 showed how certain business interests were poised to "milk" the situation in Iraq. File on 4 has shown his prediction to be true. How can we allow these corrupt business be allowed so much power? File on 4 does an excellent job. I hope a follow up programme keeps this issue live.
Christopher Sharville, UK

I am deeply outraged by what I heard about the missing $8.8 bn. I'm an American living in the UK and what makes me angriest is the complete lack of attention this news is getting from the media, while the US government is allowed to trash the UN over the oil for food programme. What is going to be done about the $8.8 bn? And what can I do to help make sure something is done about it?
Janet Thornton, UK

I want to thank File on 4 for bringing this matter into the public domain. It confirms much of what we in the Labour and Trade Union movement have been saying since the beginning - that the invasion of Iraq was never about the liberation of the Iraqi people, but was designed to create a bonanza for US multi-national companies. This was a phoney war conducted in the interests of big business. File on 4, I congratulate you for your courage in exposing this scandal, and for good, well researched and honest journalism. This is a time when I can truly say that I am proud of the BBC.
David Mitchell, United Kingdon

I've just heard your excellent programme on the misuse of Iraq reconstruction funds. Congratulations on an excellent piece of journalism! If only we could get more of this quality.
Murdo Ritchie, Scotland,

An extraordinary piece of work. But when will there ever be a reparation from Washington and London? Iraqis are sitting in the dark, in ruins, with water-borne diseases due to destroyed infrastructure. You also mentioned that oil exports were not monitored, thus could not be accounted for. Yet they were during the embargo years,as I understand it, since exports were the basis for 'oil for food'.
Felicity Arbuthnot, UK

I recently bought Pratap Chatterjee's excellent read "Iraq Inc" which details his solo investigation into reconstruction efforts in Iraq. Then just today an American website I go to everyday for news about Iraq has this excellent BBC radio 4 documentary. Brilliant work. Disgusting conclusions.
Paul Jamieson, Canada

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File on 4: Iraqi oil money: BBC Radio 4 on Tuesday 1 February, 2005 at 2000 GMT

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