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Last Updated: Tuesday, 9 November, 2004, 17:09 GMT
Paedophile evidence 'not followed up'
William Goad
Goad was ordered to pay 50, 000 towards the cost of his trial
Child abusers who operated in the same network as the man dubbed Britain's most prolific paedophile are still on the loose, a BBC investigation has found.

Last month William Goad, 60, was sentenced to life in prison for sexual offences against young boys over a 30 year period.

Police have told File On 4 that since Goad's imprisonment, more of his victims have come forward with details of other abusers connected to the Plymouth-based millionaire.

Detectives claim the evidence is too insubstantial for them to make any arrests, but a survivors' support group is pushing for more police resources to follow up their allegations.

'Logistical nightmare'

William Goad was described in court as a "voracious, calculating, predatory and violent homosexual paedophile."

The officers involved in the case were praised by the judge for the quality of their work.

The Detective Chief Inspector who ran the operation to catch him, Michele Slevin, said intelligence gathered from the Goad inquiry was followed up but without success.

They [the victims] do say they were abused by other men, sometimes instructed by Goad and sometimes involving him
Detective John Livingstone
"At the end," said DCI Slevin, "we were only able to charge Goad with 'offences committed with others unknown' because other offenders hadn't been identified or located at that time.

"And obviously we weren't going to suspend Goad's trial for the sake of identifying or locating any other offenders."

The first count of abuse admitted by Goad took place in 1965 and he once boasted of beating his own "record" of abusing 142 boys in a year.

John Livingstone, one of the detectives involved in the Goad investigation, told File On 4 that dealing with new evidence brought forward by victims since his conviction had been problematic.

"They [the victims] do say they were abused by other men, sometimes instructed by Goad and sometimes involving him.

"A lot of what we've got is first names and places and to tie it all up is a logistical nightmare.

"We can go round the country to talk to victims who were abused here but we wouldn't have the facility to investigate further. That would have to be done on a national level."


Shy Keenan from Phoenix Survivors, the group representing Goad's victims, said the number of offenders still at large who were connected to Goad were in double figures.

She claimed there was no evidence of fully resourced follow up investigations into these criminals.

"I don't accept that the information has been vague, and I would say categorically that names have been given of other men involved in this.

"I don't believe Devon and Cornwall police have done all they can in this particular case. There is much more they should still do."

I got this kiddie back on the pretext of giving him 10 to help me get boxes off the van
Victim of Goad
Ms Sheenan said her group wanted, for example, clearer examples of what happened to Goad's money. A market trader who grew his businesses in tandem with his career as a paedophile, Goad's offending spread to Northern England, America and Thailand.

File On 4 tracked down one victim, now in his 40s , who was forced to abduct a boy aged 9 or 10 for Goad in the Midlands.

"He stopped the van and said, 'You get out and get me a boy now.' I got this kiddie back on the pretext of giving him 10 to help me get boxes off the van.

"Goad came round the back of the van and the lad was in the back. He pulled down the shutters and raped him.

"I still find it difficult to cope with the guilt today."

Gang rape

The man, a young teenager at the time of his abuse, was severely beaten by Goad when he refused to abduct a second boy.

He also claimed he was once driven to a house in Manchester where he was plied with alcohol before being raped by Goad and five other men.

DCI Slevin said Goad's intelligence file would be continually checked to link up and identify any associated offenders.

The Association of Chief Police Officers said it was not familiar enough with Goad's case to make a comment.

File on 4 was broadcast on BBC Radio 4 on Tuesday 9 November at 2000 GMT and is repeated at 1700 GMT on Sunday 14 November.

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