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Last Updated: Wednesday, 23 August 2006, 10:30 GMT 11:30 UK
Simon Reeve
Simon Reeve, the presenter of Tropic of Capricorn and Equator, is an author and broadcaster who has spent much of the last few years travelling around little-known regions of the world for a series of television programmes.

Simon Reeve on a river boat in Borneo

In the four-part BBC2 series Tropic of Capricorn, broadcast in 2008, Simon followed the southern border of the tropics region around the world.

While filming Tropic of Capricorn, Simon travelled through Namibia, Botswana, South Africa, Mozambique, Madagascar, Western Australia, the Northern Territory, Queensland, Chile, Argentina, Paraguay and Brazil.

The journey took him to stunning areas of the world, but it was also a chance for spontaneous discoveries about the changing global environment, poverty, globalisation, AIDS, the rise of the Chinese economy and the suffering of Africa.

Current affairs documentaries

Five Stars... brilliant... a fascinating, illuminating journey... jaw-dropping beauty... compelling television
Daily Mail
Moving stories and remarkable sights
Radio Times
Fun, fascinating and frightening
Daily Mirror
Pick of the Week
The Sunday Times and Sunday Telegraph
In 2006 Simon travelled around the world for the BBC series Equator. The journey took him through the middle of the tropics, the region with both the richest biodiversity and greatest concentration of human suffering. Among the countries visited were Gabon, the Democratic Republic of Congo, Uganda, Kenya, Indonesian Sumatra, Borneo and Sulawesi, the Galapagos Islands, Ecuador, Colombia and Brazil.

Radio Times described it as: "an extraordinary journey... revelatory...thrilling and thought-provoking...hits us with jaw-dropping facts...eye-opening...delivers a string of revealing snapshots." The series was a Silver Award winner at the 2007 Wanderlust Travel Awards.

For the five-part BBC2 series Places That Don't Exist, broadcast in 2005, Simon travelled through a group of unrecognised nations, countries so obscure they do not officially exist. Among the destinations visited were Somaliland, Transdniestria, Nagorno-Karabkh, Ajaria and South Ossetia.

The Daily Telegraph said the series was: "Exemplary...riveting...eye-opening...superb." In June 2005 Simon and series producer Will Daws won an award from the One World Broadcasting Trust for the series, and for making an "outstanding contribution to greater world understanding".

In Meet the Stans, a four-part series on Central Asia, broadcast on BBC2 and BBC World during 2003 and 2004, Simon travelled from the far north-west of Kazakhstan, by the Russian border, east to the Chinese border, south through Kyrgyzstan and Tajikistan to the edge of Afghanistan, and west to Uzbekistan and the legendary Silk Road cities of Samarkand and Bukhara.

The Guardian called it: "A thrilling postcard from the edge".

Bestselling author

Simon is based in London and has written or contributed to several books.

He had a New York Times bestseller with his 1998 book The New Jackals: Ramzi Yousef, Osama bin Laden and the future of terrorism, which warned of a new age of apocalyptic terrorism. The Washington Post said it was "a painfully relevant book".

Simon's next book was "One Day in September: the story of the 1972 Munich Olympics massacre and Israeli revenge operation 'Wrath of God'', published by Faber and Faber. The movie of the same name, narrated by the actor Michael Douglas, won the Oscar for best feature documentary.

The International Herald Tribune described the book as: "A masterclass in investigative journalism", saying it "brilliantly recaptures the tension of the day, as well as the human cost of the botched police operation."

The New Yorker said it was: "Highly skilled and detailed... a page-turner."

Simon's most recent book is Tropic of Capricorn: circling the world on a southern adventure, published by BBC Books.


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