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Asia Thursday, 15 January, 2004, 17:43 GMT

Mother and baby in India Dying for a dowry
Lucy Ash finds women in India suffering as the illegal dowry system continues to flourish.
North Korean refugee Escaping North Korea
Christopher Gunness visits South Korea to investigate what happens to people who flee from the North; and talks to the activists who help them.
Kamato Hongo Japan's greying population
Crossing Continents travels to Japan to examine the perils and pleasures of growing old with the world's most rapidly ageing population.
Thailand - tracking the traffickers
Olenka Frenkiel goes on patrol with Thailand's army as they try to stop the drug traffickers and their trade in "yaa baa", or crazy medicine.
Sri Lanka's uneasy peace
Charles Haviland visits Sri Lanka to meet Sinhalese people who are crossing into land that's been enemy territory for the last two decades.
Inside China's great migration
Lucy Ash investigates the greatest movement of people in human history: the 100million Chinese who have moved from the country to the booming cities over the last 15 years.
East Timor is to become an independent state after 27 years. The country had been locked in a 24 year struggle with their powerful Indonesian neighbour. Julian Pettifer reports.
Fighting poverty in India
India is proud to be the largest democracy in the world. Yet at the grassroots level corruption and poverty are endemic. Now the people are fighting back. Rosie Goldsmith reports.
Cambodia's temples of hope
Clare Arthurs visits Angkor where over the last decade conservationists have begun to reclaim the sites, and where tourism now offers a much needed source of income.
Australia's great immigration debate
At the Sydney Olympics, Australia was proud to display its multicultural heritage. Now, Australia refuses the Afghan boat people in. Rosie Goldsmith reports.
The fisher-boys of Sumatra
Hugh Levinson travels to the Malacca Straits to meet the children who spend months doing back breaking work on a platform the size of a tennis court
Cleaning up Bollywood
As Bollywood goes from strength to strength, Meriel Beattie investigates how much of its success is due to mob money, and asks whether it's possible to clean up India's film industry
US soldiers tread carefully in South Korea
As attacks mount upon American soldiers based in South Korea, Jenny Walmsley explores the local resentment of the US military presence.
Dutch Moluccans appeal for solidarity
As the Indonesian Moluccas Islands are torn apart by ethnic violence, Dutch Moluccans try to save their families back home.
Japan cracks down on youth crime
As Japan imposes a tough new law on youth crime, Hugh Levinson investigates whether the move will relieve fears of a wave of murders and other violent offences by teenagers
Fraught in Fiji
Producer Mark Reid reports on how Fiji's Indian communities are coping with the aftermath of this year's coup, and fears about their long-term future.
Blurring the gender lines in Bangladesh
Presenter George Arney reports on how hijras - or eunuchs - are struggling to move into the mainstream of Bangladeshi society.
Big in Taiwan
Polly Hope examines why Taiwan, like the rest of Asia, is having to face up to a new health risk: child obesity. As kids replace long walks with Nintendo, and noodles with burgers, can they avoid a fatter future?
Women steppe out in Mongolia
Producer Tim Whewell explains why women are at the centre of change in Mongolian society. Women are taking the lead in building the nation.
Filipino family values
In the Philippines contraception is a sensitive matter. The issue has become a political football, but is birth control really the key to ending poverty? Hugh Levinson reports.
China lights up
Producer Hugh Levinson explores China's love affair with tobacco, and the public health disaster that's in the making. Plus, reports on the new openness towards sex and religion in Shanghai.
Where there's smoke ...
New Zealanders are soul-searching about cannabis. With a dope-smoking Rastafarian in Parliament, will marijuana soon be decriminalised here? Julian Pettifer reports.
Vietnam War poison
Debate is raging over how much damage the use of Agent Orange during the Vietnam War has left behind. Arelene Gregorious reports.
Hong Kong belonging
There's growing unease about immigration to Hong Kong from the Chinese mainland. While a long-running legal battle drags on, families are still divided. Jill McGivering reports.
Pakistan's holy men under fire
Revered by many for their religious stature, some of Pakistan's pirs - holy men - are being accused of abuse and corruption. Arlene Gregorious reports.
Gujarat's global connections
The Indian state of Gujarat houses the world's biggest shipbreaking yard. We report on this grimy trade, Gandhi's modern adherents and attempts to wean Indians away from gold.
Indonesian Islam moves to centre stage
After economic crisis and Suharto's fall from power, the world's most populous Muslim nation is finding new political purpose in Islam. Julian Pettifer reports.
The hidden face of Japan's recession
We investigate growing poverty in Japan: as recession bites, growing numbers of homeless and hungry men are on the streets. Julian Pettifer reports.
Singapore: state and family
How the hi-tech "intelligent island" is forcing families to support their elderly at home. Plus, reports on its response to the Asian financial crisis, and free speech in a mega-bookstore.
Western Australia's boom and bluff
With minerals in profusion, this region is where fortunes are made - for some. Also, the boom in Aboriginal arts, the local passion for gambling, and we hunt down the Australian "new man."
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