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Africa Friday, 9 January, 2009, 15:34 GMT

Grave of ebola victims Ebola: A latter-day plague
Pascale Harter travelled to the Republic of Congo to report on an outbreak of the deadly ebola virus.
Kenyan President Mwai Kibaki Kenya: A poisoned chalice?
Esther Armah travels to Nairobi to find out if Kenya's new government can overturn decades of misrule and corruption.
Cow Namibia: The next Zimbabwe?
Rosie Goldsmith visits sub-Saharan Namibia and finds a country ready to embrace change, but with concerns over its links to Zimbabwe.
Sierra Leone: Will the peace hold?
Julian Pettifer returns to Sierra Leone, a country picking up the pieces after 10 years of civil war, where he sees evidence of war crimes and corruption.
On the move
Zimbabweans are leaving their home country to build better lives elsewhere in southern Africa. Mark Ashurst hears some of their stories.
Congo's polio war
In central Africa an extraordinary mass vaccination campaign against polio is taking place. Dinah Lammiman asks if the West are right to insist that the Congolese make this campaign a priority.
Cameroon's pharmaceutical jungle
Who owns the Prunus africana growing in the jungles of Cameroon? It is used to make a drug to treat prostate problems. Tim Whewell investigates.
Rwanda's tug-of-war children
Olenka Frenkiel investigates the fate of the Rwandan children evacuated to Italy during the civil war, who were then adopted without their families' consent
Kenya's flower power
As Kenya's flower growing industry blossoms, Rosie Goldsmith explores whether environmental damage lies behind this economic success story
Cape Town comedians take on race
Tim Whewell meets the young South Africans who are using humour to tackle stereotypes and fight prejudice.
Uganda's rebel war
Caroline Pare reports on the children abducted in northern Uganda by the Lord's Resistance Army.
Mozambique: going nuts about the World Bank
Tim Whewell investigates the collapse of Mozambique's cashew processing industry.
Cutting out a tradition in Mali
Producer Ruth Evans describes how methods as diverse as weaving projects and musical theatre are fighting the practice of female genital mutilation in Mali.
Kinshasa's music, Congo's war
Producer John Murphy reports on how, despite war, economic confusion and social chaos, music is still uniting the Democratic Republic of Congo.
Zambia's orphaned generation
In one of the worst-affected nations, Zambia, extended families must care for a generation of children whose parents have died of AIDS. Olenka Frenkiel reports.
Tanzanian turmoil
Presenter Max Easterman reports on how political feuds are still raging in Zanzibar. Despite its natural beauty, and a recent peaceful settlement, the island has a heritage of violent dispute.
Troubled times in the Niger Delta
John Egan follows events in Nigeria's poorest and most restless region: the steamy backwaters of the oil-producing Niger Delta.
Eritrea - Turning swords into ploughshares?
Julian Pettifer reports from Africa's youngest country, trying to rebuild after decades of war, and examines how its women have changed their place in society.
Zimbabwe - the problems of progress
Rosie Goldsmith reports on President Mugabe's anti-gay rhetoric, a revival of mbira music and novelist Chenjerai Hove talks about land.
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