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10 September 2009: Egypt

Gold egal with the Egyptian flag in chest

Magdi Abdelhadi reported from Egypt where now that President Mubarak has turned 81 years old Egyptians are considering how they will be governed once he has gone.

3 September 2009: Gangland in Paradise

Amir Javid

Bill Law told the story of young gangsters, exploiting legal loopholes to build a multi-billion dollar illicit drugs industry in Vancouver with business savvy and bullets.

27 August 2009: Bihar

Narayan Prasad

David Goldblatt reported from a small town in the Indian state of Bihar that has turned into something of an academic hothouse.

20 August 2009: Afghanistan

US solider and an Afghan man

Lyse Doucet reported from Afghanistan on the US-led international forces efforts to adopt a new counterinsurgency strategy.

13 August 2009: VenIran

Venezuelan woman waving flag

What can a Shiite Middle Eastern theocracy share with a socialist, salsa-loving Latin American nation? Linda Pressly reported from Venezuela.

6 August 2009: Southern Sudan

Sudanese woman carrying food aid

Grant Ferrett travelled to Southern Sudan to investigate claims that Africa's biggest nation is sliding back to civil war.

30 July 2009: Journey without Maps

Truck stuck in ditch in Liberia

Humphrey Hawksley went on a journey across Sierra Leone and Liberia in the footsteps of the writer Graham Greene, 70 years after Greene's journey how much has changed?

23 July 2009: Pakistan

Student at Jamia Naeemi

Two thirds of the Pakistani population is under the age of 25. Bill Law investigated what the dangers are for Pakistani youngsters.

16 July 2009: Chechnya

Natalia Estemirova

Lucy Ash reported on the rights of women in Chechnya, where the prominent human rights worker Natalia Estemirova was shot dead on 15 July, 2009.

30 April 2009: Hard Times in Middletown, USA

Ashley Chalfant 66x66

Stephen Smith reports on how Muncie, Indiana, the most studied town in the US, is faring in the current economic climate.

23 April 2009: Thailand's Red-Shirts

Ploy, a Red-Shirt from Udon Thani

Lucy Ash met the activists from the poor north east of Thailand who have vowed to bring the government down.

16 April 2009: Croatia

Ivana Hodak

Matt Prodger examined the grip organised crime and its partner-in-arms, corruption, have on Croatia as it stands on the brink of EU membership.

9 April 2009: Kosovo

Kukes cemetery in Northern Albania, where some of the missing people are buried

To mark the 10th anniversary of the war in Kosovo, Michael Montgomery reported exclusively for Crossing Continents on the alleged atrocities which have remained hidden from international gaze for 10 years.

2 April 2009: Swaziland: The Kingdom of Kids

Children from the Swaziland Radio programme

Bill Law reported from Swaziland, a land laid waste by poverty and AIDS, on the children taking control of their own fates.

26 March 2009: Ethiopia: Troubles Downstream

Ehiopian man

Peter Greste journeyed down the Omo River to meet the remote tribes people threatened by a massive hydro-electricity project.

19 March 2009: Israel's Goodness Gracious Me

Sayed Kashua

Mukul Devichand met the creators and cast of prime time Israeli comedy programme 'Arab Labour'.

8 January 2009: Malaysia - racial supremacy no more?

Young Malaysian

Mukul Devichand met the young people struggling for a more equal future for all Malaysians.

29 December 2008: Cuba's housing crisis

Cuban Housing

Linda Pressly reported on the housing crisis in Cuba and found out how Cubans are getting around the countries tight housing regulations.

25 December 2008: The Iraqi Backstreet Boys

Shant of UTN1

Caroline Hawley spent a year following the remarkable Iraqi boy band UTN1, Unknown to No one, for Crossing Continents.

18 December 2008: Islam and Canada

Omar Khadr, alleged Candian born terrorist

Bill Law reports on how Canada is coping with questions of identity and integration after a home grown terror plot was foiled.

11 December 2008: Northern Territory

No drink sign

Lorena Allam investigates human engineering in Australia's Northern Territory.

4 December 2008: Spain

Little girl attending Mass in Madrid

Steve Kingstone reported on the growing antagonism between Spain's government and the Roman Catholic Church.

27 November 2008: Sri Lanka

Sri Lankan Soldier

Roland Buerk investigated the lengths to which the Sri Lankan army and its proxies have gone to ensure victory in their war against the Tamil Tigers.

20 November 2008: Iceland after the crash

Ice Swimmer

Icelanders told Paul Henley about the effect the economic disaster has had on their lives.

13 November 2008: Liberia: Children for Sale

Liberian Boy

Nadene Ghouri exposed the trade in children by some charities registered in the United States and operating as businesses in Liberia.

18 September 2008: Northern Uganda

Freed abductees

Callum Macrae reports on the conflicting demands of peace and justice in Northern Uganda.

11 September 2008: Confessions of an LA Gangster

Rene Enriquez

Michael Montgomery revealed extraordinary recordings made by Rene Enriquez in prison, which chart his progress from gang member to police informant.

4 September 2008: Zimbabwe

Zimbabwean child

Julian Pettifer scoured the air waves and blogs to find out what everyday life is like in today's Zimbabwe.

28 August 2008: Educating Roma children


Ray Furlong reported on the effects of the European Court of Justice ruling for Roma children in the Czech Republic.

21 August 2008: Guatemala and Canada gold rush


Bill Law reported on the gold mine testing the limits of the ethical investment market.

14 August 2008: Slum Clearance in Mumbai

Dharavi resident

Mukul Devichand reported on a plan that claims to be the answer to the developing world's slum problem.

7 August 2008: In the Shadow of the Cartels

General Polito

Emilio San Pedro profiled the fight against one of Mexico's most powerful drug cartels.

31 July 2008: Belarus Youth

Polina Kurianovich

Lucy Ash travelled to Belarus to meet the youth of what is often called Europe's last dictatorship.

24 July 2008: Haiti's Kidnapping Trade

Jacques Bouillon, UN Anti-kidnapping Unit

Orin Gordon went to Haiti and spent time with the UN anti-kidnapping unit to see how they are combatting the rise in kidnappings.

17 July 2008: Lithuania and the Battle for Memory

Fania Brantsovskaya, former partisan fighter

Tim Whewell went to Lithuania to examine the battle for memory there and in other East European countries.

10 July 2008: South Africa's Promised Land

Doors Le Roux, Afrikaner guava grower

Rosie Goldsmith travelled to South Africa where tension is growing over the issue of land reform, an issue with resonance given the dramatic situation in neighbouring Zimbabwe.

1 May 2008: Somalia

Somali militia man with gun

Rob Walker went in search of insurgents fighting against Ethiopian troops in Somalia.

24 April 2008: Football in the Holy Land

Members of La Familia

David Goldblatt went to Israel to find out how politics and football intertwine there.

17 April 2008: Las Vegas

Neon sign from The Strip, Las Vegas

Rosie Goldsmith reported on the debate about legalising prostitution in Las Vegas.

10 April 2008: Illegal Logging in the Siberian Taiga


Lucy Ash visited Siberia's Taiga forest to report on the illegal logging taking place.

3 April 2008: Uzbekistan

Mark Weil

Natalia Antelava reported from Tashkent on the survival of Ilkhom Theatre following the murder of its founder in 2007.

27 March 2008: South Korean Missionaries

Pastor Moses Hahn

Ulli Schauen travelled to South Korea to find out why Koreans are such fervent evangelists. He meets young missionaries and asks them about the dangers they may face abroad.

20 March 2008: Egyptian Women at the Forefront for Change

Dr Mona Mina

Bill Law reported from Egypt on the women making a stand for human rights in Egypt.

13 March 2008: France's Housing Crisis

Cover of book by Laura D

Jonny Dymond reported from France on the dark side of their housing crisis.

10 January 2008: Kurdistan

Kurdistan street seller

Kate Clark uncovered corruption and human rights abuses in Iraqi Kurdistan.

3 January 2008: South Korean Gamers

South Korean e-athlete 'The Stork'

Julian Pettifer reported on "e athletes" and the rise of computer addiction in South Korea.

27 December 2007: Tanzanian Lions

Snarling lion

Kerri Miller reported from Tanzania on the uneasy co-existence of man and lion.

20 December 2007: Native Americans in the US Military

Contents of a medicine bundle

Robert Hodierne travelled to the American South-West to find out why Native Americans enrol in the military in such great numbers.

13 December 2007: Taking on the traffickers

Anti-human trafficking poster

Linda Pressly reported on the efforts in El Salvador and Nicaragua to protect women and girls from human trafficking and to prosecute the traffickers.

6 December 2007: Angola's Chinese

Chinese workers in Angola

Lucy Ash reported from Angola on the effects of Chinese investment.

29 November 2007: Iran: The Story of Leila


Leila lives in Tehran. She was sold into prostitution at the age of 9. At 18, she was sentenced to death. Julia Rooke told her story.

22 November 2007: The Far Right in Germany

NDP Demonstration in Germany

Rosie Goldsmith reported on how the Far Right have quietly but effectively remodelled themselves to appeal to modern Germans.

15 November 2007: Afghanistan's Mobile Phones

Afghan woman on mobile phone

Lyse Doucet reported on how Afghans have embraced Western technology. Nothing is more popular than the mobile phone.

8 November 2007: Spain's Forgotten Thalidomiders


Geoff Adams-Spink met the Spaniards affected by Thalidomide who are fighting for recognition

13 September 2007: Education War

Pakistani girls studying in a madrassa

Bill Law asks if the collapse of Pakistan's state education system has created a huge opportunity for militants to exploit

6 September 2007: Pills for Profit

Tablets and pill bottle

Melanie Abbott asks if Europe's parallel drugs trade is threatening the safety of patients.

30 August 2007: Saving the Med

A crowded beach of the Costa del Sol

Julian Pettifer revisits the concrete shores of the Costa Brava and newly-fashionable Montenegro to ask if going up market can save the Med.

23 August 2007: New Orleans' Musical Rebirth

A flooded street in New Orleans

Two years after Hurricane Katrina, could culture be the best engine to drive the recovery of New Orleans?

16 August 2007: China's Children

Chinese father and baby

Marijke Van Der Meer of Radio Netherlands Worldwide hears from the first generation of young adults to be the product of this one-child policy.

9 August 2007: Manipur's Bloody Conflict

Tanya Datta has a rare meeting with UNLF rebels

Tanya Datta reports from India's North East on the rebel groups fighting for the independence of Manipur.

2 August 2007: Made in Italy?

Man pulls trolley through the streets of Milan's Chinatown

Rosie Goldsmith investigates how Chinese immigrants are challenging Italy's famous textile industry

26 July 2007: Unrest in Paradise

Rioting in the Manama street of Sanobis on 30 June 2007

Bill Law asks if social and religious tensions could destabilise the important island nation of Bahrain.

19 July 2007: The 'Lost Boy' of Sudan

John Majok is reunited with his mother

Jane Little follows John Majok as he returns from the US to the refugee camp where he grew up.

12 July 2007: Turkey's silent revolution

The Kayseri province

Tim Whewell asks if the rise of a new social class threatens the secular elite that has run Turkey for 80 years.

5 July 2007: American gun crime

Suzanna Hupp, whose parents were killed by a gunman in a US diner in 1991

Kati Whitaker examines US attempts to tackle gun crime in the wake of the Virginia Tech massacre.

26 April 2007: Mauritania's battle over beauty

A large Mauritanian woman

Pascale Harter reports from Mauritania on the changing attitudes towards obesity and force-feeding.

19 April 2007: The gay prince of Rajpipla

A man and a woman ride on a moped through the streets of Gujarat

Linda Pressly reports from Gujarat in India on groundbreaking HIV/AIDS prevention work.

12 April 2007: Moldova's abandoned children

Anna, who was abandoned by her mother

Olenka Frenkiel tells the story of Anna who was abandoned by her mother when she was trafficked out of Moldova.

5 April 2007: Fighting climate change in British Columbia

Vancouver, British Columbia

Julian Pettifer reports from British Columbia in Canada on its plans to implement tough measures to fight climate change.

29 March 2007: France's lost generation

Hamid Senni - who struggled to find work even with a masters degree

As the French prepare to vote for a new president, Lucy Ash examines the problems facing French school and university leavers when they look for employment.

22 March 2007: Iceland's environmental dilemma

Tunnel entrance near the dam site at Karahnjukar

Richard Hollingham asks if Iceland's marketing of green energy is worth the loss of so much unique wilderness.

15 March 2007: Jordan's refugee influx

Adil, an Iraqi exile living in Jordan

Jon Leyne investigates how Jordan is coping with the large numbers of Iraqis seeking refuge within its borders.

11 January 2007 - Ghana

A village in Ghana

Rosie Goldsmith reports from Ghana where abortion is illegal yet thousands of woman resort each year to secret, dangerous terminations.

4 January 2007 - Catalonia's new arrivals

Catalan street scene

Marian Hens reports from Catalonia in Spain which has seen an influx of nearly a million new immigrants since 2000.

28 December 2006 - Escaping caste

A statue of Dr Ambedkar

Dan Isaacs examines the effect that converting to Buddhism has had on thousands of Dalits, people from the lowest Hindu caste.

21 December 2006 - Ceausescu's children

A Romanian woman living on the streets

Rosie Goldsmith examines the impact of a forced breeding policy which took place in Romania 40 years ago.

14 December 2006 - The enemy within

Two soldiers

Richard Miron gains access to Israel's internal security agency and Palestinian informants who work with it.

7 December 2006 - Lebanon: Who wins the peace?


Tim Whewell visits Lebanon four months after the ceasefire to find out how Hezbollah is winning hearts and minds.

30 November 2006 - Fighting the Mexican wave

A Mexican being searched at the US border

Linda Pressly travels to the US seventy years after the "Mexican Repatriation" amid fears history is about to repeat itself.

23 November 2006: Justice in Bolivia

Bolivian women

Lucy Ash travels to Bolivia where traditional indigenous justice is getting a new lease of life under President Evo Morales.

16 November 2006 - Religious freedom in Malaysia

Muslims praying

Farish Noor examines religious freedom in Malaysia and the sensitivities surrounding conversion from Islam.

9 November 2006 - Liberia's challenge

Nimba market

Bill Law travels to Liberia as it attempts to rebuild after years of devastating conflict.

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