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Have Your Say: Jordan's refugee influx
Iraqi exiles queuing outside UNHCR building in Amman
For years now Iraqis have been fleeing the violence back home

Fifty thousand Iraqis are fleeing their country every month and many are knocking on Jordan's door.

For BBC Radio 4's Crossing Continents, Jon Leyne investigated how Jordan was coping with the large numbers of Iraqis seeking refuge.

He heard how many Iraqis were living in fear of being sent home as Jordan struggled to cope and the hospitality began wearing thin.

We asked for your comments on the issues that our programme raised. A selection of your comments are below. This debate is now closed.

Because you wanted to get rid of one man in Iraq you had to make millions homeless.
Kareen, Manchester

Bush is not to be blamed but the Arab and Iraqi insurgents are to blame. Bush removed dictatorship to give them democracy but then the Iraqis want anarchy. If they had taken the gift from Bush, there would never be this chaos.
Chike, Brussels

I really feel sorry for the Iraqis who have left their country. I call on Bush and Blair to help the Iraqis at least in the UK and the US, and when I say Iraqi I mean Arab, Kurd and all other minorities.
Paul, London

Should the US and Britain do more to help the Iraqi refugees? Yes they should let all two million Iraqis into their countries, since it is these two nation's leaders that wanted the invasion without planning ahead. Should Iraqis in Jordan be treated as refugees or illegal immigrants? Refugees. Should Jordan be allowing Iraqis to work in Jordan and Iraqi children to go to school? Yes.
Nadia, Sweden

If the leading country is doing it why shouldn't the third world countries? Look at the UK to see the way it treats the poor Iraqis.
Frank, London

Take a look at the news, every scene from Iraq shows streets full of gun toting, would be terrorists. If they are allowed to settle in the UK our levels of gun crime would escalate even further. No way should we consider importing more anti-West thugs with one aim in life - to destroy our way of life and freedom.
Norman Porcher, Oswestry

The Iraqi refugee situation is down to Bush and Blair they should have planned for this situation. However it is not our responsibility to let them in our country. A nation should look after its own, this is the very essence of a nation. Neighbouring countries should be helped to support these people, until this awful mess is sorted out and they can return.
Chris, Southampton, England

The Iraqi refugee plight in Jordan and other countries is the direct result of US and Britain failing to establish law and order. What kind of democracy have they established when millions of Iraqis are forced to flee in order to escape death? The Bush and Blair administrations should do something to help the Iraqi refugees. First - prevent Arab governments from forcing Iraqis back home. Also they should help settle Iraqis until it is safe for them to return home. Plus they should accept more Iraqi refugees in their countries. All Iraqis are entitled to refugee status and should be protected from arbitrary deportation and oppressive treatment. Finally thanks BBC for the excellent coverage.
Zuhair A Hussain, Cairo

I think we should be doing more to help the Jordanian government to look after the Iraqi refugees. The question of refugee v illegal immigrant is always a difficult one and it is hard to find the resources to investigate each case. Perhaps there should be a general presumption of refugee status while the situation remains as it is in Iraq, but with the understanding that people will be returned when circumstances permit. I strongly support allowing children to attend school and college and we should be providing support for this. In addition, it should be possible for the refugees to work in identified employment, whilst not undermining the local population's need for work.
Claire Woodwards, Littleborough, Lancs

Blame those who created this problem. Bush should be ashamed of himself. He has no sense or wisdom. Look how the people are suffering.
Nana Yaw Adu Poku, Ghana

The comments we publish are not necessarily the views of the BBC but will reflect the balance of views we have received. It is helpful if contributors state if they work for any organisation relevant to an issue discussed. Readers should form their own views on whether messages published represent undeclared interests, or views prompted by a common source.

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