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Have your say: Disability in Guatemala
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I was shocked by the contents of this programme. I was aware that fungus on rotten part of potatoes can increase the risk of spina bifida.

It seems so unfair that the fungus on the Guatemalan maize crops cannot be sorted out, perhaps genetically somehow.

Washing the maize in lime juice seems to be what should be the subject of a government-run ad campaign.
Esperanza, UK

I managed to hear the last few minutes of this programme and was fascinated. I am going to use your listen again service to hear the programme in full.

I have a nine year-old daughter who was born with spina bifida.

Grace is a very intelligent girl, and a wheelchair user. She swims, plays archery, rides ponies and plays wheelchair tennis.
Jayne Millar, UK

As far as the gun problem is concerned, there are at least two problems.

One of them is the guns, but the second problem, which I consider to be far more significant, is the culture of violence and lack of respect for other people.

This is not a gun problem. It is a cultural problem
Richard Stone, US
The US is heavily armed too, but attacks on judges are extremely rare.

There is gun violence of course, but in lawless environments, such as with street gangs and drug criminals.

Guns make the crimes easier, and they need to be removed from the hands of dangerous people, but how do you do that?

This is not a gun problem. It is a cultural problem. It is a failed culture.
Richard Stone, US

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