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Rosie Goldsmith biography
The BBC's Rosie Goldsmith
Rosie Goldsmith is a regular presenter of Crossing Continents, and A World in Your Ear, and has also presented the arts programmes Front Row and Open Book.

She has reported from many parts of the world for the BBC, NPR, Deutsche Welle and Deutschlandfunk, speaks several languages and has lived in Germany, France, South Africa and the USA.

Rosie is an experienced radio producer with several award-winning, well-known programmes under her belt: Eurofile, Asiafile, a series for the 10th anniversary of the Fall of the Berlin Wall, Sonya's Story, and Remembering Alistair Cooke, the radio obituary.

Originally from Cornwall, Rosie started travelling at an early age.

At six weeks her family moved to southern Africa. She lived for three years in what was then Rhodesia, followed by two years in South Africa.

When she was 10, the family went west and Rosie found herself going to school in Manhattan.

Eastern Europe

At Nottingham University she read French and German. But she then left the UK and spent seven years in Germany working as a freelance reporter for the BBC and DeutscheWelle.

Between work she went on long train journeys across Eastern Europe where communism was just about to crumble.

She has fond memories... of her cheek being grazed by a bullet
When the Berlin Wall fell in 1989, Rosie was working as one of the launch team of BBC Radio 4's Eurofile, the UK's first weekly programme about Europe.

She has fond memories of being one of the first Western journalists to go to Albania after the demise of Enver Hoxha; and of her cheek being grazed by a bullet as she drove into the Albanian mountains.

Rosie loves art, literature and music; wherever she travels she adds to her colourful wardrobe which has now expanded to include a closet full of Indian saris, Pakistani shalwar kameez and Chinese qipaos.

Crossing Continents


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