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Read your comments Monday, 19 May, 2003, 10:49 GMT 11:49 UK
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Private Jessica Lynch after being rescued by special forces
Private Jessica Lynch after being rescued
War Spin was broadcast on BBC Two on Sunday, 18 May, 2003 at 1915 BST. Have your say

Because of the high volume of correspondence we receive, we cannot guarantee to publish every single e-mail.

Private Jessica Lynch is an honorable, decorated veteran of an American war abroad. No-one can take away her bronze star, her service to these United States, or the respect and admiration she holds in the hearts of almost every American.

Cynical, dog-in-the-manger reporting is nothing new in this sorry world. The breathless salivation that seeks to make Private Lynch soiled goods that anyone can exploit with impunity is grotesque and revolting.
David C Oshel, USA

Jessica Lynch is just a pawn in the White Houses' propaganda campaign.
Karl Langlotz, USA

I question the justification of awarding Private Lynch the Purple Heart for a traffic accident. I can imagine how it makes other recipients of the Purple Heart feel.
K Henderson, USA

As an ex-veteran I know there is no way that special forces would use blanks in a hostile theatre even if enemy troops had left the immediate area. Report what you know and stop spinning the news to degrade the war effort
D Fitz, USA

Creation of fictional heroes is a dire necessity in wars, especially so if the war is strongly opposed both domestically and internationally, like the Iraq war was.
Syed Mazhar Abbas, Pakistan

The US government tells the people what they want to hear in order to justify their actions. Where are the weapons of mass distruction? Where are the chemical weapons?
Paul Kelly, USA

At the time of Private Lynch's "rescue" I thought it smacked of Rambo movies. It makes it hard to be an American with these lies and deceptions going on continually.
John Wilbeck, US

It is interesting to read a report completely based upon the word of two Iraqi doctors who would have absolutely no reason to embellish or lie about the incident. And, even more interesting, is to read all of the comments from the people who immediately jump on the bandwagon simply because it reflects negatively upon the United States.

Here's an interesting idea. Why do we not do an objective report with both sides' comments and then an analysis. Oh wait, that is called responsible reporting and there is no way we can have that.
Ben Deda, USA

I have to say I was very disappointed with the "War Spin" documentary. I feel it did not really address the issues of spin in war - it simply offered a sanitised view of war coverage which most intelligent people had already been aware of for some time.

No-one who watched the coverage of the war could have been in any doubt that, from its very outset, all the news the public was issued with was heavily biased towards the coalition. Richard, UK

I hope the BBC has proof of that, like an unedited film of the rescue. taking the word of doctors and nurses who might stand trial for war crimes, after abusing a POW, isn't very reliable.
Shaul Boilov, Israel

A movie, already, before 2004, which happens to be when Bush is up for re-election?

Colm, Ireland

I question the justification of awarding Private Lynch the Purple Heart for a traffic accident. I can imagine how it makes other recipients of the Purple Heart feel.
K. Henderson, USA

Brave men and women are fighting and dying every day to keep this world safe from tyrants and terrorists. And you choose to believe the words of these vermin and their accomplices rather then the leader of the free world.
Marat Shkandin, USA

As usual, a hero is created for political reasons. The US goverment are trying to decorate this unjustified war with a flawed story just like they used flawed information to frame Iraq and other countries which they dislike.
Chow-Chin Chuang, Taiwan

At the time of Private Lynch's "rescue" I thought it smacked of Rambo movies. It makes it hard to be an American with these lies and deceptions going on continually.
John Wilbeck, US

I am a veteran of the US Army and the son of a highly decorated US Marine. The fact that Private Lynch was awarded the bronze star is a slap in the face to the men and women who earned them doing what they were supposed to do.
Phillip DeSouza, United States

The really odd thing is that this story emerged at the same time that the US were telling everyone how Saddam had ordered every American captured to be executed. So what was Private Lynch doing alive in a hospital whilst having her injuries treated?
Evan Kearney, Saudi Arabia

There are two possibilities. Either it was a dramatic rescue like they said or a mundane collection from hospital like BBC said. Doesn't matter. Either way, the US and pro-war forces have dramatised the story beyond all taste and decency for the promotion of their agenda.

Come on. A movie, already, before 2004, which happens to be when Bush is up for re-election? Surely there can be no other reason for such a movie than to reinforce everyone's loyalty to America. It's like something Saddam would do!
Colm, Ireland

I think those who question the accuracy of John Kampfner's account of the Jessica Lynch rescue are rather missing the point. The bigger picture was the impossibility of getting anything like honesty or objective fact out of the military and political administration.

It is not about who did what, or who is telling the truth, but that the press has access to the facts to enable us to make our own minds up. This, as Kampfner's excellent work illustrated, was continuously refused every day in Doha.
I Ginsberg, UK

Terry Nelms asks if it's really credible that American soldiers would fire on an ambulance. I think those of us in the UK, where we lost both soldiers and civilians to 'friendly' US fire, sometimes in broad daylight with clearly marked vehicles, would answer with a very grim but resounding 'Yes!'
Tom, UK

Soon, we'll all be citizens of the United Hates of Amnesia.

Chard, France

This entire episode takes the US one step closer to 1984, maybe Orwell should have named his book "2004".
Ray, Scotland

I'm just glad I live in a country where we don't get fed unadulterated spin and propaganda by the media.
Ann Brogan, Germany

Soon, we'll all be citizens of the United Hates of Amnesia.
Chard, France

Americans should be ashamed of themselves that they willingly and knowingly are manipulated like this. It is quite comical to watch CNN reporting about a few mobile units/trucks found that are capable of producing some lethal gases. Not exactly the WMD I was thinking of.
Farley Galmeyer, Japan

Who in their right mind would load their weapons with blanks in a war zone? Your only source as to Lynch's injuries are Iraqi doctors - talk about lazy. There is no check with the US authorities who examined Lynch in Germany after her rescue. Also, your allegation that the US edited embedded reporters' footage is patently false.
Adam Indikt, Australia

The US have refused to released the full, unedited videotape of the raid on the hospital. I'm sure that it would make interesting viewing.
Pedro, UK

The fridge magnets bearing her name still look nice every time they reach for a Dr Pepper

Glen, Ireland

Most Americans will most likely think that the footage beamed into their homes is unquestionably genuine, that the Iraqi doctors who treated the private are lying and that regardless of what the private herself remembers, the fridge magnets bearing her name still look nice every time they reach for a Dr Pepper.
Glen, Ireland

I firmly believe that the American media has lost the voice of independence while the British media has come out as the voice of the unbiased. Ever since the 9/11 happened, the American media has bullied and harrassed the odd voices which opposed the trident postures of Mr Bush and co. Any one who opposes Mr Bush is now termed as "unpatriotic". USA is now a land of hype and hypocracy.
Ananth Nagarajan, India

I think the 'fact' that Miss Lynch has since lost her memory and 'will probably never be able to recall what happened' (US government official statement) says it all. How convenient. Well done BBC!
Marie Collins, London, England

A devastating exposee. Can one ever trust the media again? Can one ever trust politians again? Will Bush and Blair and their henchmen ever live to suffer the consequences of their lies. One can only hope that this programme will be a major nail in their coffins.
Ann Eastman, UK

What is worrying here is some of the comments by our American friends. If they question the validity of the BBC, their only ally, then what hope does other media in the world in questioning USA foreign policy, and states for that matter? This report seems to be the only the tip of the iceberg.
Mark, Glasgow, UK

During any war, propaganda will always be used. I'm not anti-war and I applaud those who gave their lives in the name of liberty, freedom from oppression etc. But yet again, the Americans shoot themselves in the foot while trying to create an heroic storyline. Maybe Mr Spielberg should have been 'on set' to give some decent advice.
Simon, New Zealand

What would you have reported after Waterloo, Ypres and Normandy?

Alan Scott, UK

You are a disgrace to your country. What would you have reported after Waterloo, Ypres and Normandy. Baghdad Broadcasting Corporation indeed.
Alan Scott, UK

This incident just underlines the total cynicism with which the war in Iraq was approached. No disrespect intended, but it seems that Pvt. Lynch has what is commonly known as selective amnesia and the governments of the US and the UK no doubt want us to succumb to it too.
Catherine Mackenzie Davies, UK

This war, and this rescue were both made for TV. The Bush admin has the tightest grip ever on main stream media. The media, though politically correct, is not liberal. It is quite far to the right, but also very polite.
Tim, Vermont, USA

Its interesting to note the number of comments here written by Americans. The BBC in a previous internet story commented on the fact that many statesiders are now turning to the BBC for factual information. This is so important as the only people who can bring an end to the reign of Bush and his cohorts are the American people. This story is true, there is no WMD in Iraq and Bush is the worst president of the USA that was never elected.
Ed Morrissey, Australia

America Good, Iraqis bad. That'll be the tone of the movie. The truth won't matter. Excellent if depressing programme.
Flynn, England

This story screamed 'spin' from the first time I saw it on the TV. It seems both sides liked to play the home media game as much as the other.
James Shaw, Worcester, UK

As soon as I saw news of her rescue on the news I knew there was something fishy. Just looking at the lass I thought this wouldn't have been hyped like this if she were a pug faced grunt. This seems to make it worse. Not only was the whole rescue hyped up, seems like it needn't have ever happened. Even before this war started I knew I'd mistrust most of the news having lived through two other wars (Falklands and the first Gulf War), but I knew some things have to be witheld for security reasons, but this really takes the biscuit.
Chris, UK

Who could forget the infamous testimony to congress about the killing of babies in a Kuwaiti hospital?

Greg , Barbados

I'm glad to see, that a country that participated in the war, has a news department that brings us the truth. CNN, "America's Most Trusted News", is only a tool of the American government. Your work, as well as others, is greatly appreciated, in bringing us real information.
Marcel Roberge, Canada

Nothing new. Remember the Gulf War and the fantastic claim that they had shot down all the scud missiles (or something like all). When Israel was asked after the event they reckoned that every scud fired at them got through. Or who could forget the infamous testimony to congress about the killing of babies in a Kuwaiti hospital. Which afterwards was proven to be a very suspect story.

With all the obvious atrocities that occurred in Iraq I find it stunning and irresponsible of the Americans to continue to need to fabricate stories when they go to war.

On a separate note I reckon that this war has to go down as a dark period in US Journalism history. They sold their objectivity to the government and I think the ramifications of that for the US people have not been reckoned yet.
Greg , Barbados

What this programme illustrates more clearly than ever, is the completely reprehensible way the US and British govt's have perverted information to foster their own aims for the invasion of Iraq.

There is no accountability for the fatal errors in both judgement and equipment. Innocents have perished and we are still yet to find the 'smoking gun', any weapons of mass distruction, the premise on which this 'war' was started. This thought provoking programme merely shows that there is no weapon of mass destruction greater than the deeds of politicians.

Shame on them.
Luke, England

To believe a word that the Iraqis say is pointless. Do you really think that a western infidel would have been treated well in the hospital with all that hatred around? As for this mock attack the idea of them using blanks is stupid! First of all a blank sounds VERY different to a real round and this would be heard on the TV footage. Secondly even if the troops had fled the US Special forces would still use real weapons incase enemy were still in the area. I believe the attack was great for PR and had it been a man wouldn't have happened. But as for staged like a Hollywood film? I think not!
Mark Goddard, UK

I very rarely write in to TV shows, but I've got to congratulate you on War Spin. It was such a relief to see truth told. Although what the film had to say wasn't surprising, the story was so well told I was kept on the edge of my seat. You hit just the right balance of real honest journalism and entertaining TV. My only regret is that Fox News viewers won't get to see it. Keep making programmes like this and I'll happily pay any amount of TV licence raises.
Lucinda Broadbent, Scotland

The disinclination to accept anything other than the apple pie story is worrying

Nick Grant, UK

There are plenty of people criticising this BBC story for its a)One sidedness in not including any allied response and b)The fact that it is fabricated. Have any of its critics raised these accusations against ANY pro allied stories you have printed? One one level, regardless of fact, the disinclination to accept anything other than the apple pie story is worrying.
Nick Grant, UK

So the rescue of Private Lynch may have been stage managed. So other facts may have been witheld or changed to ensure that they showed the American and British forces in the best light. There are however some facts that no-one can dispute. The world is a safer and better place without Saddam Hussain in control of Iraq.
Paul Smith, United Kingdom

I'm worried about the way in which the media networks consume the military's propoganda. The people who should feel really ashamed are the journalists and editors who lapped up the lies and half-truths and fed it to their public. We have a right to expect better.
Pete Shepherd, UK

Just want to thank you all for your effort to provide the public with objective reporting. Please continue this important task and let us see a broader picture of history.
Suil Goad, Mexico

So, the movie 'Wag the Dog' (that suggests that military news is created to manage politics) ... is true. Disgusting and ridiculous.
Edward Bell, Hong Kong

War has always had a propaganda element by the protaganists,but it has become a major part of recent wars. Why, in 2003, when we have access to all kinds of communication systems are people so willing to believe the obvious manipulation of common sense? I stopped watching all TV news at the beginning of the first Gulf War when I realized I was watching a 'Hollywood' version of the violence in however the powerful wanted to portray it. In general, is fact and fiction so intertwined, from advertising to genocide, that many have lost the ability to think for themselves? Is mainstream, corporate controlled media incapable of unblinkered reporting?
Eileen Wttewaall, Canada

It's too bad your documentary will never see the light of day on any American tv show. I'm just thankful some of us have the brains to read other than US news sources for our news. I don't take everything said in the foreign press as gospel, but it does give more of the reality of the situations around the world. So thanks!
Amy Anderson, USA

Your story seems to have some flaws in it

Gary Sartori, United States

It's interesting that all responses (that you display) to this report are from the USA, and virtually all claim the rescue was genuine. Is this "Bush-ist" slant organised by US Republicans? Either Britons dont care about the Jessica Lynch story, or we've all become cynical about America's honesty?
M. Crawford, Scotland

While the U.S. press was still talking about "heroic efforts" in saving Pvt Lynch, Pvt Lynch's father told the press, after talking to his daughter by phone, that she did not have any bullet or stab wounds. Call the U.S. press anything you want. Just remember that the U.S. press is owned by very wealthy people, most of whom have a vested interest in politics, and oil.
Kevin Barbieux, Nashville, USA

I didn't go along with Bush's oil war from the start, but your story seems to have some flaws in it as well. How many Americans did you talk to? A story has TWO sides to it and your writer never bothered to tell the other or american side of it. The BBC coverage of news stories are usually first rate, but on this occassion, it is pretty clear that you missed the boat.
Gary Sartori, United States

Just one of a torrent of lies propogated by every person reporting on the "war", by both sides. The first casualty of war.
Charles Stanley, England

To use this poor injured sole as the backdrop of your obvious one-sided reporting is beyond the boundaries of poor taste. Was it a slow day in the news room this particular day? Surely the BBC can produce something less obvious than this poor attempt at making America look bad (it didn't work).
Dr. J. Thompson, Illinois, USA

I am thoroughly disgusted, but not at all surprised. America is hopeless!
Kate Madison, USA

Iraqi's say it was all staged? They must be right. Just like the Information Minister was right when he said 'the Americans are miles from Bahgdad'.
Eric Damon, USA

And we all thought Wag the Dog was a work of fiction? David Mamet for President! And The Oscar to be replaced by a Jessica Lynch fridge Magnet. The name of her hometown: Palestine, Virginia, deserves a small prize as well.
Linda Kate Beswick, UK

How sad and ironic at a time when the biggest movie blockbuster in years carries a tag-line of "free your mind", the American public is so hostile to listening to anything but the official party line from Washington. Better get some more blue pills Morpheus, we all wanna stay in wonderland.
Graham Thornton, Chicago, USA

Give it a rest already. The BBC got the whole damn thing wrong from the beginning. Do not embarass yourself anymore by coming out with such ridiculous stories. I really wish the USA, UK, France, etc, had legal penalties for journalistic fraud. Maybe a few years in prison would teach your type what the word "truth" means.
Gary Majors, USA

How can your account be trusted any more than others?

Patrick Spielmacher, USA

How does anyone know that your account of what happened during Private Lynch's rescue is accurate? It doesn't sound like you were there. And, in your "story", just like other reporters, you presented only one perspective. Therefore, How can your account be trusted any more than others? Just like other reporters do, your "story" reflects your obvious bias along with the well known bias of the BBC
Patrick Spielmacher, USA

After reading the "flawed" commentary, I have to ask if it is possible that such an event could be staged, or manipulated to fit a political agenda? One has to admit that it would be rife with PR gains, if the news story was spectacular enough to grab the public's attention.

Pvt. Jessica Lynch's story had all the elements to mould public opinion; the daring rescue of a young, American female soldier in hostile territory. One need only to follow the event with a "Saving Pvt. Lynch" media blitz complete with bold graphics and musical score, and there is one possible way that public opinion can be manipulated.

Is it purely coincidence that these real life events were so similar in nature to the basic plot of the recent Hollywood political satire "Wag the Dog"? It makes me wonder...
Irwin Gaffin, Barbados, WI

Thank God for the BBC. You don't know how your helping to keep the sanity of us Americans who have braincells. Everytime one of my fellow citizens falls for these Hollywood movie stunts, I fell like strangling them. The US Media needs daily humilation doses. Thank you for helping.
Joan Ranade, USA

This is news, but not terribly shocking. Any intelligent American will balance US reports against non-US news and make a rationale decision - with little weight to be given to the US gov't. Most Americans, however, are not intelligent and prefer to accept everything which is easy and spoon-fed.
Michael DiPresso, NYC, USA

I find it very difficult to believe that our forces would fire upon an ambulance in the first place unless those in the ambulance were firing at them. And if our guys knew one of their fellow soldiers was a POW in that vehicle and the Iraqis were peacefully attempting to turn her over to Amercian forces, do you really think the Amercians would fire upon the ambulance? I don't think so. This part of this piece lacks credibility. Therefore, the entire piece lacks credibility.
Jerry Nelms, USA

When will people stop taking words of the United States Military as the truth? The people of the United States need the people of Europe and the rest of the world to keep pressure on the United States to speak the truth and state the facts. We lost our democracy with the theft of our presidency and with the crisis following 9-11. We have a lot of work to do to get it back.
Lowell Downey, USA

I am glad all of the POW's made it home alive

Ron, USA

That the government spin doctors would turn this rescue into a "made for television" event comes as no surprise to those of us Americans who are actually conscious. Unfortunately, the quiet majority of Americans who actively think about peaceful solutions no longer placard our cars with peace slogans for fears of retribution by false patriots and violent souls nurtured on the perverse teat of television and film.
Matt Stinchfield, USA

Thank you for this article pointing out what was obvious to intelligent people (of which there is a very low percentage in the US)
Jane Glover, USA

I find it interesting that so many people in the US would believe the liberal bias of the BBC. I know if this story was true the liberal military hating, President hating, anti-American media in the US would have pounced all over it. They like nothing more than to make the President look bad. So I will take a wait and see attitude. In the mean time I am glad all of the POW's made it home alive and pray for the families of those who did not.
Ron, USA

If this is true you should be commended for your reporting and providing more proof the we are living in a 'virtual reality' world . . . if not true, shame on you.
Paul DiBert, USA

I think Private Lynch did a job well done and she was treated the way our government said, their was a wound due to a weapon ie. a gun or a knife and almost killed by the Iraqi enemy. To get to the bottom line I belive in what our government has to say. And I feel that president Bush is doing a wounderful job in dealing with the problem of terrorism.
John Fiorella, USA

It amazes me as a seasoned journalist that BBC would risk its reputation by relying on claims (for there are no more than that) of Iraqi doctors with a clear vested interest. Aren't you required to find some evidence and talk to the other side before you publish such controversial material? Aren't you also required to check a reliability of your sources?
Mirek Kondracki, USA

It's the old saying, yet again, "nothing is as it appears", especially when it comes to the Bush/ Blair propoganda machine. This is, unfortunately, not at all surprising, but most Americans won't have a clue!
Richard Wetzel, USA

After reading this story, I am more ashamed than ever to be an American. Many Americans are ashamed to be Americans these days. We desperately need a "regime change" here at home in 2004 (I'm referring to the election, of course, so call off your dogs, Mr. Ashcroft). Thanks for covering this story. Wish the US media were as brave.
Kathy Giaimo, USA

Funny how the Vietnam POW's remember everything that occurred

Joseph e. Huerta, USA

Since I was not there I cannot make a statement. But as an escort for the US marines POW in Vietnam, I san say that the POWs were in fact in captivity for periods from one year to ten years. They can be called POWs. I question the authenticity of the rescue of Lynch. Funny how the Vietnam POW's remember everything that occurred when they we debrief at Clark air force base.
Joseph e. Huerta, USA

What did Jessica Lynch do to be called a hero, it sounds like she screwed up and got captured. The 19 that died are closer to heroes than Jessica and you don't here anything about them.That is sad.
Steve Harris, U.S.

An outside critic would find it passing peculiar that the BBC, steeped in objectivity, chose to focus on the comments of two Iraqi individuals with obvious self-serving motivation, while rejecting without explanation the official statements of the American government and the informal comments of the soldiers actually on the scene. Surely the BBC is capable of reporting in a less obviously prejudiced fashion.
Donald Harvey, USA

What astounds me, however, is that my country denies lying and propagandizing when, in fact, their leaders are becoming most adept at it and the American public is buying it. It seems like the whole world has taken a vacation from sanity. Norma Holt
Norma J. Holt, U.S.A.

What else do you expect from biased american media? They disregard the lives of innocent Iraqis, and consider only American lives are lives.
Sisiro, India

The American people are so busy cheering, they don't see what's truly happening.

Sandra Carrubba, USA

This fabricating the news of Private Lynch's rescue is just another incident in which the Bush administration and its appointees control information. Making the military heroic is one way to make the American public more accepting as the Bush gang continues to turn the country toward military governance. And the American people are so busy cheering, they don't see what's truly happening.
Sandra Carrubba, USA

What next - President Bush secretly hiding Elvis in the rose garden?
Robert Thomas Reilly, Amherst, MA USA

Jessica Lynch is our treasure and everybody involved with getting her back should be honoured not ripped apart.
Joe Parks, USA

It is well-known that the US media is very liberal and that if any of the events happened as you have described them here, the Democrats and American media would have jumped all over it and splashed it everywhere.
Amy McCrate, USA

My only question to all the other contributors is if this story is a pack of lies, why has not been any rebuttal either by the Pentagon or indeed the US news media.

I would really like to hear the story from both sides so that a balanced judgement can be made without accusations of "liberal anti-war media coverage" or " blind rabid right wing conservatism".

Lets hear from the German doctors who cared for Jessica Lynch. I don't quite buy the "loss of memory" story.
Rakesh Anand, USA

Americans love a good fairy tale, and our boys at the Pentagon make the Brothers Grimm look like amateurs...
Kevin Welch, USA

A story that a government had deliberately lied to mislead public opinion would be a well-publicized

Emily Shaw, USA

The American comments here are rather defensive, which is very telling. They won't let themselves believe that the sky is blue if Dubya tells them it's orange. Challenging the Lynch story is challenging the Bush mythology.
B Allan Seoigh, USA

Thank god for the internet. Though it is shameful that none of our major media (even the "liberal" New York Times or National Public Radio) has been brave enough to even mention this story yet, its presence on the BBC website will ensure that it can't be simply buried and left to rot.

In a society with a free media, a story that a government had deliberately lied to mislead public opinion would be a well-publicized scandal. In those sections of the country where we still believe that a free media is our right, we will do our best to make it one. Thanks again.
Emily Shaw, USA

"They were said to have come under fire from inside and outside the building, but they made it to Lynch and whisked her away by helicopter."
There was never any suggestion in the US news coverage that the rescue team came under fire or encountered any resistance at all.
Linda Phelps, USA

This story illustrates how dangerous the Bush administration and their "Weapons of Mass Distraction" can be. The American public totally buys into the "Hero Lynch" storyline and refuses to believe anything else no matter what proof is presented. Good work.
Ron Wick, USA

The problem is for me, whose story is flawed?

Allen Dale, USA

I enjoy reading all these responses. My fellow Americans who took objection to BBC's story about Private Lynch's rescue are under the assumption that American media wouldn't dare lie to them, or divert their attention from the numerous flaws leading into the war. We've been lied to, and we will continue to be lied to.
Ray, USA

The poor girl was so badly injured, psychologically and physically, that she is still in hospital, and you have the nerve to print this pack of lies.
Greg Fitzgerald, USA

I've just read "Saving Private Lynch story flawed" on the BBC internet site. The problem is for me, whose story is flawed? The Pentagon's version or the bias anti-war BBC's version. Neither has the edge with me on which is true because unfortunately neither organization is very credible when it comes to telling the truth unvarnished from its own pre-conceptions and pre-dispositions. It's a very sad situation.
Allen Dale Winchester, Virginia, USA

Having given the stories of the two Iraqi doctors, have you also interviewed the doctors in Germany that took care of Private Lynch or even the doctors in the USA when she got back there.

If there is a conspiracy it would be smart to at least get both factual sides and let the facts fall where they may.
Dr Jules Schwager Fountain Hills, AZ, USA

I find it is most interesting that none of your facts contradict anything said by American military officials yet you present the story as though it is a revelation of contradictory evidence.

The only evidence presented is the word of the doctors and staff in the hospital. These folks worked for the Saddam Hussein regime in the Saddam Hussein hospital. Yet their every word is presented as though it were a new Gospel.
Bill Fishburne, Asheville, NC USA

I suppose special forces should have just rang the bell and asked for their soldier back?

Eirik Johnson, USA

What is most troubling about the article is the crackpot conspiracy view that Jerry Bruckheimer influenced the military. There have been combat photographers filming wars since at least WWII. The Pentagon took a tremendous risk on that one and deserve due credit for their openness.
David Welch, USA

I find it interesting that you only use the quotes of two former Saddam Hussein Iraqi doctors and allowed for no rebuttal by Americans or even the lawyer, Mohammed Odeh al-Rehaief, that aided in the rescue.
Vincent Guinnane, San Jose, CA

I suppose special forces should have just rang the bell and asked for their soldier back? She was captured, then we found her. End of story. If the United States is the first country to ever us PR/spin during a war, please give us a medal.
Eirik Johnson New Orleans, USA

Thank you very much for the story about the fabrications in the Jessica Lynch story. Our own press here in the US lacks the courage to tell the truth and is completely cowed by the predatory tactics of the Minister of Information, Donald Rumsfeld.
Tom Morgan, USA

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