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Read your comments Tuesday, 6 May, 2003, 21:50 GMT 22:50 UK
Read your comments
USS Abraham Lincoln
The USS Abraham Lincoln played a vital role in the war
Warship: At War was broadcast on BBC Two on Tuesday, 6 May, 2003 at 2100 GMT.

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I watched the BBC the first time they visited the USS Abraham Lincoln before the war, but the second time was so much better. I've wanted to be a military pilot for about five years now and this has only made me want it more and to work harder to get it as the pilots show such professionalism and commitment.
Steven Reilly, Scotland

I too was impressed by the professionalism and courage of the crew shown on this program. I was, however, saddened by the enthusiasm for vengeance permeating the ship. The Bosun's cry of "Payback!" as Bahgdad was bombed summed it up, which is depressing given the lack of any evidence of Iraq's role in the Word Trade Centre attacks.

It seemed to me that this brave bunch of men and women had been misled into directing their rage wherever the US leadership intends, and that is tragic and frightening.
Miles, UK

Having served in the Royal Navy, I know how difficult conditions can be when the ship is away on a long deployment, both the working environment and emotional separation from loved ones. This excellent programme relived all those fears and dreams.
Stephen, Ex Royal Navy Chief Petty Officer, Glasgow, Scotland

Very interesting to see what life is like on the inside. Quite shocked to hear the woman soldier's rather crass and insensitive comments as the bombs first fell on Iraq. Also the irony of the soldiers singing 'Born In the USA' especially the line about 'told me to kill the yellow man...'

I wonder if they, or any Americans, actually know that the song is against war and about a Vietnam war veteran who has been betrayed by his country. Good to eventually hear the soldiers say they do their best to avoid civilian caualties.
D Rumsfield, England

How can the "land of the free" have so many misinformed people living in it? "This is for September 11", "Payback for 9/11" - all these types of comments show that the US forces had no idea why they were meant to be at war!
Jon, UK

I thought this was a really good documentry. It had a good balance between the thoughts of the pilots and of the deck crew. The pilots showed their human side by showing their worries about killing civilians and bombing the wrong targets.

And the deck crew had this gung-ho "go bomb the lot of them" attitude. It would be nice to see the same sort of programme showing how the british forces are coping in Basra.
Mr J McCabe, uk

I was 100% against this war, however I'm 100% for the troops. To some it makes no sense, but I feel that these people are the best America has to offer and that they were following orders. For this reason I stopped attending protests as soon as we went to war with Iraq.

These people are heroes and the President bears all resposibility now for Iraq's future. If a Iranian style government comes to power it will be 100% Bush's fault, not these soldiers.
Andrew, USA

An excellent production showing the courage and skill of the men and women of the USS Abraham Lincoln.The part where flight operations were conducted while under atrocious weather conditions brought home the hazards faced.
Stephen, Glasgow,Scotland

The men and women of the US Navy deserve our applause for the job they do, mostly unseen by the world's media, on a daily basis. They especially deserve our applause for playing a crucial role in the liberation of a country from a brutal, oppressive dictator. Fair winds and following seas to them all.
James, United Kingdom

A thoroughly fascinating insight into a completely different dimension of the conflict. Extremely well made and skilfully presented. Thank you!
Dominic Stone, England

Having seen yesterday conclude our country's celebration for the 60th anniversary of the 'Battle of the Atlantic', it was both enthralling and awesome to share this experience with your other regular viewers.

An excellent TV production with thanks to the USA for their cooperation on board a truly fantastic fighting platform manned by a well-trained and brave crew. Thanks for the experience!
Edmund Maris, UK

Perfect documentary showing the live of the seamen and pliots onboard the USS Lincoln during the first weeks of the war in Iraq. Specially the "human" perspective of the crew and their view of the war was great. Keep up the good work. Love to watch the BBC programmes.
Remco Navis, Netherlands

That has to be one of the best programmes I have ever seen. Thank you .. I was smiling and crying all at once. Glad they got home safe and well. Again Thank you
Shell , England

The programme was very good and gave people a view of what it was really like, and I'd like to become a pilot
Adam Karr, UK

Excellent programme, remarkably up to date, very interesting throughout.
Chris Magowan, northern ireland

This was a quality program, that gave you an insight into the preparations for the war. Full credit to all involved.
Shaun Smith, UK

Very great reportage - congratulations. And in the same time, congratulation at the coalition troups.
Claudio Buzzat, Belgium

An excellent 90 minute documentary. Thank you for such a fascinating insight.
Gary Orgovanyi, Chichester, West Sussex, UK

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