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Last Updated: Friday, 10 November, 2000, 10:57 GMT
About Correspondent
The Correspondent programme is about compelling unique access, tough investigations and human stories from around the world.

As more and more of us are concerned about the big forces, issues and trends facing today's world, Correspondent brings relevance and insight with strong storytelling.

The programme gives voice to many different perspectives, from following an American aircraft carrier crew during the Iraq war to filming reporters on the Arab news channel al-Jazeera covering the same conflict.

There are first person stories, reporter-led journeys and human rights exposÚs as Correspondent covers the changing world.

Investigations have recently covered the behaviour of British soldiers and colonial officers in Kenya and the secrecy of the Saudi state.

Our website allows viewers to send us their comments and read other viewers' opinions on these important stories.

Correspondent also works with BBC Two and BBC Four on special world affairs programmes, including the Holidays in the Danger Zone series, most recently focusing on the Stans of Central Asia.

Correspondent's programmes frequently win international broadcasting awards, most recently this year's Red Cross prize at the Monte Carlo Television awards.

In 2001 the Royal Television Society awarded Correspondent Documentary Strand of the Year.

"Correspondent is what television journalism should be all about" - The Guardian

"The series invariably delivers a strong and original story from abroad" - The Daily Mail

Correspondent is broadcast on Sundays at 1915 on BBC Two.

Editor: Karen O'Connor
Deputy Editor: David Belton


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