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Excellent programme. Alex is very brave to do what he does, but I am glad his efforts get aired publicly like this.
Stephen C

Anti-gun crusaders should remember that people intent on murder or conflict do not need to use guns. The vast majority of the one million people murdered in the 1994 genocide in Rwanda were killed with knives and clubs; firearms were used in only a handful of cases. Addressing the causes of ethnic hatred would do more than simply removing the instruments through which such hatred expresses itself.
Philip Tilden

Congratulations on an extremely well put together programme which nicely balanced UK and international aspects of the gun trade and also taught me a number of things.
Richard Stanforth

This programme accurately reflected the lethal nature of the arms trade, and the tragic consequences. Legislation must be tightened so the only recipients of arms are legitimate governments, rather than the present situation of indiscriminate sales.
James Serjeant

Why do people persist in peddling the myth that legal gun ownership has anything to do with the expansion of gun crime? Apparently, Switzerland has the highest legal gun-ownership levels in Europe and yet negligible gun crime.

When does the government and media propose revoking the unnecessary anti-gun legislation in Britain and enforcing the anti-crime legislation?
Gordon Smith

Congratulations on yet another well researched and documented job! I watch your programme every week. It's probably the only documentary programme worth watching on a Sunday evening. Thank you and congratulations to David Akinsanya. I think he was great!

I was horrified at the content of tonight's programme
David Lloyd

Successive governments have targeted registered gun owners. If the government is serious about gun crime they need to start looking at the criminals and start repealing legislation aimed at law-abiding citizens.

You talk about how dangerous they are, yet nothing is done about the legal production of these firearms. If they are not produced, you just need to get rid of the ones on the streets already.

During the programme police officers were shown carrying firearms. If it is legal for the police to protect themselves with guns, should the average person not be given the same right?

I was horrified at the contents of tonight's programme on arms trafficking and the attitude of those supporting this trade. If gun traffic into Britain is driven by the drugs gangs, it is more important than ever to shut the drug trade down.
David Lloyd

Surely a law passed by the government promising life imprisonment for anyone caught in possession of an illegal firearm would deter people from obtaining one?
Nigel Taylor

The more we ignore the situation of gun trafficking in other countries, the closer to home these problems will become
Steven Wilson

I thought this was an excellent programme and highly thought-provoking. I was also very impressed by the professionalism of David Akinsanya.
Clive Wilson

People kill people, not guns. The point I'm trying to make is that the quest for power has always involved murder and will always do so, no matter what the weapon. Hardened international policing could eventually slow the illegal gun trade to a trickle, but will not stop power murders.
Allan Flight

I was very impressed with the amount of information given in the programme. Until officers are capable of protecting themselves, how are they expected to protect the people?

I feel the programme tonight illustrated this point and the fact that the more we ignore the situation of gun trafficking in other countries, the closer to home these problems will become.
Steven Wilson

There seems to be an unstoppable downward spiral into a state of lawlessness

In the UK, the significant factor is the increasing level of drug trafficking. As John Major said at the UN in 1996, the drug problem in the UK posed: "the most serious threat to society since World War II." We, in the UK, have been in denial for too long, let down by weak-kneed politicians who were under the impression that this sort of thing only happened in America.
John Hinchliffe

As a law-abiding citizen in the UK, I am deeply concerned that the efforts of the state to stem the flow of illegal weapons have failed. There seems to be an unstoppable downward spiral into a state of lawlessness.

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