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A really excellent series, the relation of food to environment and politics is very informative and presented in a very engaging way. TV journalism at it's very best. What is the most humbling is it is the very poorest who are the most ready to share their food.
Gordon Shaw, London, England

A brilliant series in all respects, guess the BBC still excels at documentary type programmes. Would love to see more 'Danger Zone' programmes.
M Rock, UK

I have just watched the last in the series of Cooking in the Danger Zone and felt that Stefan gave a very one sided portrayal of a very sensitive conflict zone. Stefan appeared to be very negative towards Israel and Judaism. May I say that people in Jerusalem are not all rude and serious, that was a very generalised comment that is far from a true representation of the people of the whole city. Also I was not amused at Stefan with his provocative line of questions towards a chef in a kosher restaurant in Tel Aviv where he wanted to know if he found it difficult to work within the religious law and whether or not there was friction between him and the man who was checking that everything was kosher, the so called Kosher Cop. Stefan showed no sign of any respect or religious tolerance at all. Please be aware that anti-Semitism is a very real problem in the UK and does not need programmes like this to inflame the situation any more.
Jonathan Mason

This is a truly fantastic series. Everyone Stefan talks to seems so well informed and aware of the issues facing them. His approach to everyone he meets is so open minded and respectful that we really get to hear what they have to say (perhaps he could replace Paxman or Marr occasionally). The root causes behind the conflicts covered are so basic. If only their respective governments would take notice. This for me really is the kind of television the BBC should be investing heavily in.
Paul Oram, Den Haag, Netherlands

Congratulations on such a balanced and interesting programme speaking to Palestinians and Israelis. It is really unusual to hear such a range of views. Instead of the usual demonisation of the Palestinians there was enough information for people who were not aware of the facts to form an opinion about what has been and is happening there and its effect on the inhabitants. I thought the commentary was very good, explaining relevant information in simple terms. More please! (and thank you)
Jenni Stuart-Anderson, Leominster, Herefordshire, UK

Excellent programme, thoroughly enjoyed every minute of watching it. Would very much like to see more programmes about Mexico.
Angela Green, Dublin

I read some of the articles made by Stefan. His stories are just too sad, especially the ones in Mexico, Haiti, Cameroon, Ethiopia, Israel and Palestine on the root causes of the conflicts. It is now clear that in some parts of the world, people are facing starvation as a result of droughts and lack of subsidies that can enable them to survive for at least a day or so. Stefan is ready to sacrifice his life by visiting one of the most dangerous places on earth in order to give us a clear picture on food shortages. Stefan is very determined to share his experience and at the same time filming the people who are vulnerable. Thank you so much for giving us these insights.
Chernor Jalloh, Madrid, Spain

I switched on Cooking in the Danger Zone by chance last night, and it reminded me what real TV is about... astonishingly good. It seemed as if Stefan was using food almost just as an excuse to get right in among some of the poorest and most desperate people in the world, sit down with them, and then (best of all) talk to them like grown-ups about the causes of their situation. To my shame, I guess, I was astonished at how articulately these folk came across. Stefan has the great gift of a journalist, to talk to people just as people. Wonderful, brave, informative. It took us to places we'd never have a chance to go.
Pete Kelley

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