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Caption competition
Stefan holds a Geiger counter close to a woman who lives in the radiation exclusion zone near Chernobyl
During his travels around the world, food writer Stefan Gates visits the Ukraine and meets a couple in their 80s who live in the radioactive exclusion zone surrounding the Chernobyl nuclear reactor.

Even though the ground is likely to be contaminated with radioactivity, the couple continue to grow and eat their own vegetables.

But what is being said in the picture?

Send us your suggestions by using the form below.

A selection of the best ones will appear on the Cooking in the Danger Zone website and the best four will receive a copy of the series on DVD and Stefan Gates' Gastronaut book.

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The competition winners are: Alison, Hilary Robinson, Dave and Brian Cowings.

Stefan was so hungry during this shoot that he managed to convince the crew that if he donned the white suit the radioactivity wouldn't affect him.
Alison, Scotland

Go on try it! At least the radiation will have killed of the Salmonella.
Dave Lidster, United Kingdom

The war on terror continues, as the American military starts its hunt for Wontons of Mass Destruction.
Dave, Scotland

Stefan uses the Force to steal the lady's dinner.
Stephanie Abiva, UK

"Babushka, leave me some soup, I beg you. And don't worry for me, I'm safe with this protective equipment."
Valeriu Dima, Romania

Stefan- "Wow, that feels hot from here." Lady- "I haven't started cooking it yet!"
Adrian Peach, England

"Do you think if I move my hand closer it'll start to glow?"
Mariam, England

Twenty-six takes and the soup is still hot.
Malcolm Haynes, UK

When I say go, the lights will go out and we'll see if you glow in the dark.
Angela Seddon, England

You sure I can't interest you in the smartest new mobile phone package.
Adrian Abdullah, UK

She is saying "we don't cook with salt as it is bad for you".
Hilary Robinson, England

The vegetable stroganoff is saying "Stefan, lose the Geiger counter or we will 'fallout'."
Brian Cowings, England

Stefan wonders if any left-overs will ever require putting into the micro-wave, and should he declare them as food or fuel.
Douglas McIntosh, Scotland

Stefan is saying" I don't think that soup is green because it is pea soup!"
Cody Standifer, United States

Be careful ma'am, I am pretty sure that Lucky Charms are only supposed to glow in the dark.
Eric, United States

I don't want the tomato soup in case it splashes on my white suit.
Craig Shepheard, UK

This food is really "Hot".
Radhakrishnan S, USA

Stop right there! You thought you could steal my dinner while I went to put on my protective suit, did you?
Ashley Nulph, USA

Lady says, "We don't need to cook the veggies as they're already microwaved."
Tim Riches, Scotland

I wonder how radioactive hot is that hotpot?
John Grange, United Kingdom

Stefan is saying "why are you wearing that stupid hat?"
Alexis Randall, England

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