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Part two: 2009 highlights
In the final part of two end of year compilations, Dan Simmons looks reports on broadband in Africa and Spencer Kelly visits robots in Japan.

Part one: 2009 highlights
In the first of two end of year compilations, Spencer reports on 3D making a comeback, plus Dan looks at augmented reality apps for mobile phones.

18 December
The cutting edge technology behind 3D film Avatar, plus a look at new stocking filler sized gadgets.

11 December
How tech is helping people stay connected at all times, plus a Japanese company is using vein scanning as the new finger-printing.

4 December
How Japan is leading the way in eco-friendly car manufacturing, plus Maggie Philbin asks what technology will be adopted by consumers over the next decade.

27 November
How printing on demand services and the internet have enabled anyone to publish their books. Plus, a look at the latest eBook readers.

20 November
The technology advances in solar power for consumers, plus reviews of video games Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2, Assassins Creed 2 and the New Super Mario Bros.

13 November
Why publishers are taking legal actions against Google for digitising their books and creating a large virtual library.

6 November
How Apple is starting to erode Nintendo's and Sony's dominance of the handheld games market.

30 October
Dan Simmons looks at how gamers could soon be challenging their sporting heroes in real life events.

24 October
Click travels all the way to Japan to uncover the both the serious and quirky side of technology in Asia.

17 October
Click reports on the new technology allowing archaeologists to search underground without digging and discovers a new way to train builders without setting foot on a real building site.

10 October
Click reports from Iceland on the country's attempt to become home to the world's computer servers and explains the best way to get the most from email on your mobile phone.

3 October
Click reports from Rwanda and Brazil on how both countries are trying to rebrand themselves as world leaders in information technology, and takes a look at the phone which needs no electricity supply.

26 September
Click looks at what happens to your digital data after you die, and goes behind the scenes of one of the biggest football video games at Electronic Art's state-of-the-art campus in Canada.

19 September
Dan Simmons reports from Kenya on the impact that a new undersea cable may have on an entire continent. Plus more cool kit from the IFA tech expo in Berlin.

12 September
Spencer Kelly and Marc Cieslak visit the Berlin IFA technology exhibition to experience high definition flat screen and 3D TV and the latest in netbooks, laptops and high spec computers.

5 September
Ian Hardy looks at cars that drive themselves and LJ Rich and Chris Long look at ways to upgrade rather than replace your technology in the recession.

29 August
David Reid finds out why Swiss Post is delivering letters to customers via e-mail. How augmented reality is being developed for gaming and to tag people.

22 August
How new augmented reality apps for handsets are offering users an enhanced version of the real world, and why file-sharing sites are going legitimate.

15 August
David Reid reports from Italy on a strike by bloggers over a threat to their freedom and in Webscape, Kate Russell joins the hunt for a million giraffes.

8 August
Mark Cieslak looks at the international response to cyber warfare while Spencer Kelly reviews some of the products on sale in a spy shop.

1 August
With every major film studio releasing a 3D title this year, Spencer Kelly considers why there has been a resurgence.

25 July
David Reid finds out that a storm is brewing in France over the location of mobile phone masts. Plus two solar charges for topping up your gadgets.

18 July
Click finds out why netbooks are becoming more popular, and has an essential guide to making the most of the portable devices.

11 July
Dan Simmons looks at the rise in popularity of mobile phone apps. Plus, Ian Hardy finds out how a new breed of search engines is trying to tap into human understanding.

4 July
A new online guide advises consumers on their rights when buying goods on the net, plus a look at how the use of open source software is growing.

27 June
Ian Hardy visits the Massachusetts Institute of Technology to see new robots, electric cars and scooters under development.

20 June
David Reid finds out about a system to help 'locked-in' patients communicate via their mind. Plus, Marc Cieslak looks at some of the best new video games at the E3 show.

13 June
Spencer Kelly looks at some of the secrets behind the success of Apple, plus Ian Hardy sees the new iPhone 3GS and the latest operating system from the firm.

6 June
Marc Cieslak has the latest in the world of gaming, Spencer Kelly chats to developer Dave Perry about cloud gaming, and Richard Taylor tries out some new gadgets.

30 May
Spencer Kelly finds out about Spotify, the newest music streaming services on the net. Plus, why users must decipher letters and numbers when registering online.

23 May
Spencer Kelly tries out the pre-release version of Windows 7, plus Dan Simmons meets scientists trying to develop robots that behave like humans.

16 May
LJ Rich finds out why machines are a long way from understanding language, plus David Reid sees how tech is giving vulnerable people their freedom back.

9 May
Marc Cieslak looks at ways to use the internet on the small screen, plus Dan Simmons goes to Prague to see some of the latest innovations around.

2 May
Spencer Kelly tests out one of the fastest residential net connections in Europe, plus Marc Cieslak looks at the latest advances in mobile broadband.

24 April
LJ Rich looks at how the micro-blogging site is being used by celebrities and politicians alike. Plus, the boss of Second Life boss talks about the future of 3D virtual worlds.

17 April
David Reid asks id e-books could be the books and newspapers of the future. Plus Richard Taylor tries out a photographic gadget.

10 April
Dan Simmons finds out what test Nokia mobile phones go through before hitting the shops; plus Marc Cieslak goes on a hunt for Easter eggs, but not the chocolate variety.

3 April
Ian Hardy finds out how US tech firms are looking for new ways to prosper in the downturn. Plus, Spencer Kelly has three gadgets that enable music lovers to share music.

27 March
Why persistent illegal dowloaders in French could have their net cut off; plus a chat with Anousheh Ansari, the world's first female space tourist.

20 March
Ian Hardy finds out why OLED screens could be the future; gadgets for the health conscious, plus latest video games reviewed.

13 March
Click investigates the winners and losers of cyber crime. Plus, how to protect your home computer.

6 March
A look at the latest trends the annual tech fair Cebit, plus the 2nd annual Greener Gadgets fair brings together some of the brightest eco-minds.

27 February
How online stores are trying to get us spending more and how the next generation of storage devices hold more for less.

20 February
A look at some of the new mobile phones and services to come out of this year's Mobile World Congress as manufacturers focus on attracting customers during the economic downturn.

13 February
The music phenomenon Tecnobrega is taking Brazil by storm, reports the BBC's Gary Duffy. Plus Marc Cieslak asks how record labels can actually benefit from the digital revolution.

6 February
How Henna tattoos are giving women in India design computer skills and Dan Simmons looks at pimped-up cars with useful kit and serious techno-bling.

30 January
Stevie Wonder calls on technology companies to make their gadgets easier to use for blind, disabled and elderly people. Plus Ian Hardy looks at how 3D TV could make a come-back.

23 January
Why Silicon Valley is enthusiastic about Obama, what new technology means for TV viewing plus a guide to web browsers.

16 January
The Click team take a look at some of the technical improvements on the way for television and more new gadgets shown at the Consumer Electronics Show.

9 January
The Click team take a look at some of the latest gadgets at Consumer Electronics Show, and he Rob Freeman looks at cheaper ways of encrypting your data.

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