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Webscape: Twitter on the big screen


Kate Russell's weekly review of websites and apps.

YoWindow is a web app and download that turns the weather report into an interactive experience that looks lovely, even when it is pouring with rain.

At o2learn.co.uk they celebrate the best of UK lessons through a community of teaching professionals and students, who video and submit their classes for all to see.

Ereadmytweets is a neat idea that turns your twitter stream into an e-book, so they can be downloaded to your kindle to browse at your leisure.

If you are hosting a party or event Tweet-Show lets you display comments from the crowd on a big screen in the room just by using a simple hashtag.

Gmail has added more than 100 virtual keyboards to help users communicate in 75 languages. Just enable "input tools" in Language Settings to turn them on.

And a month after Facebook reopened the doors of its actual gifts for friends store, Gwitr has thrust a virtual version on an unsuspecting Twitter public. Expect to receive cute graphics in boxes on a monitor near you soon.

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