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Kate Russell
By Kate Russell
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Kate Russell gives us her latest selection of the best sites on the World Wide Web.


Web reviewer Kate Russell finds a new way to edit photos and finds out how to remember the name of that tune stuck in your head.

PUTITON (www.putiton.com)

Putiton website

Putiton is a portal where creative people from four disciplines - art, music, fashion and films - can showcase their work and perhaps even sell it.

Registration is free and you get one gigabyte of space to upload your portfolio. Artists can stream audio and video and even make live broadcasts to their fans.

If you are not an artist yourself there is plenty to be gained by visiting these pages. You can browse all the content by category, offering support and encouragement to those acts which impress you.

PIXLR (http://pixlr.com)

Pixlr website

Pixlr.com is a photo editing tool.

It is similar in functionality to Photoshop Express with all of the basic features you would expect - such as brightness and contrast, hue and saturation, crop and rotate.

This is a lightweight, effective and free application - and the package itself is Flash based so requires no installation. Just open up the website, click the link to begin creating and dive straight in.

When you have finished, simply save your work onto your own computer - no registration is needed.

WATZATSONG (www.watzatsong.com)

WatZatSong website

Do you ever get a song stuck in your head - going round and round, and you cannot quite put your finger on what it was? Or perhaps you have heard a snippet of something on a website and want to hear more?

Watzatsong as the name suggests is all about putting names and artists to the tunes that are flying around in our heads.

Once registered, just record a snip of the song that has you stumped (whether you choose to sing it yourself or record it from wherever you heard it, the choice is yours) and wait for the suggestions to come rolling in.

WHAT DOES THE INTERNET THINK? (www.whatdoestheinternetthink.net)

whatdoestheinternetthink website

Whatdoestheinternetthink.net is a simple concept. You type a search term into the box provided, say the name of a shop, TV programme or car, and choose the search tools you want it to reference.

A full search will be more thorough but will take a good deal longer, then just click to find out what the internet thinks.

The site will look for mentions of the term in either a positive, negative or indifferent light - giving you an approximation of the internet's feelings on the subject.

You will get a percentage breakdown of positive, negative and neutral sentiment.

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