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The internet is now a virtual meeting place for people to interact with each other, micro-blog, shop and work.

The net's second phase of development, namely Web 2.0, has facilitated the creation of social networking sites, applications and video-sharing.

Click aims to bring you a flavour of these developments... and how users are leading the way forward.

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yellowBird logo

People could soon be exploring a real-life event or place without leaving the house

Formula 1 car

Gamers could soon get the chance to compete side by side against real sportsmen

Fibre optic cable in front of children, Rwanda

Dan Simmons returns to Rwanda to see if the dream of leading the region into the information age is coming true

Xerox sign and slogan

Ian Hardy reports from the Palo Alto Research Center on what products could become tomorrow's technology

Image from the Taikodom game

Tayfun King reports on how sun-baked Brazil has its sights set on becoming a regional powerhouse.

Internet user in Kenya

A look at the promise and the pitfalls of the new high-speed internet cables in East Africa.

The UK cover of Fifa 10

Richard Taylor visits Vancouver to observe the finishing touches to the latest instalment of the Fifa franchise.

robot boots

LJ Rich meets the robot footballers who are competing in a league of their own.

Cash by computer

How file-sharing sites are aiming to make a profit by working with content owners.

Professor Stephen Wolfram

Professor Stephen Wolfram explains how his search engine works.

Computer code

Why free software is a labour of love and big software firms are keeping an watchful eye on it.

Spotify logo

What is in store for Spotify, one of the newest music streaming services on the net.

Twitter logo

How the popular micro-blogging site Twitter is being used by celebrities, politicians and citizen journalists.

Facebook logo

A quick guide to tweaking your privacy settings on social networking site Facebook.

Using laptop outdoors

The latest advances in mobile broadband and how it is reaching people in remote countries.


Italian bloggers are worried that the country's government is about to severely curb their rights.

Click acquired control of 22,000 home computers as part of an investigation into hi-tech crime.

Spencer Kelly reveals the details of a six-month investigation into the murky world of cyber crime.

Testing out one of the fastest residential net connections in the UK.

Click reporter LJ Rich talks about Twitter and its sudden surge of interest.

How Twitter works and some tips on getting the most out of the micro-blogging site.

Online retailers are looking at ways to boost their sales as the credit crunch hits the High Street.

Why people are often asked to decipher captchas, a jumble of letters and numbers online.

Can record labels actually benefit from the digital revolution?

The boss of virtual world Second Life on the future of 3D online spaces.

Indian women skilled at Henna tattoos are being trained in computer design.

French internet users persisting in illicit downloading of music and films could have the plug pulled on their internet if a controversial new law is approved.

Hunt for hidden extras in DVDs, video games and software.

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