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Here are Kate Russell's latest reviews of the best sites around the web.

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18 December 2009

Watch global TV on the net

11 December 2009

Aggregate your social media

4 December 2009

" great text to speech reader

27 November 2009

See the plane of the future

20 November 2009

Explore some galaxies

13 November 2009

Find the right rhyming words

6 November 2009

"Free music catalogues and video messaging

30 October 2009

Wisdom in a travel blog

16 October 2009

"Hyping up" a new style of fashion site

9 October 2009

Discovering alphabetically astute animals

2 October 2009

Exploring a virtual human body

25 September 2009

A visit to the zoo without the smell

18 September 2009

Travel the world via real time streaming

11 September 2009

How to name that tune stuck in your head

4 September 2009

A feline website to melt your heart and a super-safe search engine for your kids

28 August 2009

Creating presentations in a map format

21 August 2009

Funky guide to five European cities


This travel site Trip Advisor shares information on the differences between airline seats

A one-stop e-mail address to manage various e-mail accounts

Offer a spare room for for holiday makers, backpackers or even business travellers

Application for storing, organising and syncing files on BlackBerrys, iPods and MP3 players

Google Alerts means you can find out about if it appears on the web

Tool links frequently visited web pages to a hotkey launcher in Firefox

Site to shorten a long URL and link directly to a Twitter account

Blog keeps you updated on the dangers lurking around the internet

Some impressive flash templates to help spruce up your own site

Freeware image viewer and editor supporting major graphic formats

Find out what is a fair taxi fare from A to B in major cities

Useful study guides across a broad range of subjects

A really cool place to find free software to download

A little tool to help guide you to the right animal companion

Service that filters useful e-mails from the junk ones

Limits the web to around 1m pages suitable for children

A Windows-only player without the need to install codecs

Free tool shows space left on internal and external hard drives

Site to learn about family roots, includes a genealogy search

A record of everyone who lived in England and Wales in 1911

Turn your PC into two by installing a second operating system

One of the most secure free e-mail providers on the web

Search results are split into listings and their site previews

Site that allows saving, storing and sharing data over the web

Mozilla-based plug-in that blocks scripts loading on web pages

Tutor helps children at all stages to improve their maths skills

A full explanation about the mystical byte in all its sizes

A friendly place to get answers to any technology questions

The Taskbar Shuffle application helps organise desktops

A portal that makes all web pages easy to view on a mobile phone

Mobile services, include an app to preview sites on a handset

Handset tool to create social networks on the road

Google maps for the mobile phone is a free download

A good source of information safety procedures at work

Services, general advice on living well and staying health

From the people at Wikipedia: get the answers in a pub quiz

Program designed to keep all data regularly synced and backed up

Tool to free up valuable space at the bottom of computer screens

Organise programs and icons on multiple 3D desktops

The place to find experts on a variety of subjects

Fancy a free 10-minute phone call to anywhere in the world?

A macro script writer to carry out tasks at the stroke of a key

Provides information about computers in one central location

A tool to access apps as local files from the desktop

Set up a roboform passcard to open up sites with few clicks

A down-to-earth introduction to all things recycle related

A professional networking platform to connect businesses

Free downloads of all sorts of sounds and audio effects

A sort of weather channel designed specifically for surfers

A free image and photo editing suite for Windows PCs


For some reason the creator is trying to collect one million giraffes by 2011

How to make orange peel fangs and shadow portraits, and other sublime experiments

This site tell you when it's a good time to visit the toilet during a film at the cinema

Lots of funky and freaky little flash games

This blog lays bare those cunning cognitive confusions

See the way world events have played out in maps

Blog to bookmark for anyone wanting a library of smart things to say

There are thousands of stunning 360 degrees images from across the globe

The latest breaking news from the world of physics, space and technologies

Play with your own wild creature called Dino in this online game

Surf a multitude of different websites based on your mood

Be persuaded that computer science is fun and programming is magic

Scrumptious blog providing some very easy recipes

Laying bare the tricks and cheats used in photographic publishing

Make music on this virtual piano called pianolina

View interesting sightings on Google Earth and Streetview

Create your own brute character for some fighting games

Create your own musical masterpiece with Mario

Have fun betting on all sorts of news headlines

An online community, content and advice for teenagers

A remix of dozens of unrelated musical clips from YouTube

Open source project that turns your keyboard into a guitar

Blog of a four-year-old's musings on her father's art work

Bursting at the seams with highly addictive games

See stately residences around Europe - a must for architecture fans

A countdown of the most popular video virals and who watches them

A collection of bike trails and cycle paths from all over the world

The lifecycle on Earth, includes global birth rates and CO2 emissions

Forthright and down-to-earth articles on the environment

Keep and ride your own virtual horse - one for the children

A site full of wonderful, amazing, funny and weird content

Directs people to a Google search interface with a sense of humour

Online networking service for older people to feel safe in

Search facility returns a webpage with text summaries, pictures and links


In-depth tutorials teaching you how to create some pretty advanced stuff with graphics

A hobbyist's dream, crammed full of great projects, ideas and instructions

Easy to use animation package called Monkeyjam

A retail outlet for UK shoppers with inspiring decor ideas

A global community of book lovers sharing reviews

Support entrepreneurs in developing countries with small loans

Full of toys and interactive widgets, including charming movies

Real life pictures are manipulated to look like models

Broadcasts on-screen activity, adding narration and subtitling

Online tool to create your own computer screen activity (screencast) content

A talent portal to help people get noticed by comedian Graham Norton

A social network and projects for aspiring writers to make contributions

A simple tool for mind-mapping thoughts - one for people in creative industries

A blog that helps users brush-up on their writing skills

Viral online clock with bursts of dancing and funky music

A place for creative people to post their work for others to review

Get painting with various virtual brush types

WEB 2.0

Powered by the Google News aggregator which provides a visual guide to the latest headlines

Hasve some fun betting on all sorts of news headlines

Set yourself goals and record of progress on this networking site

Search engine looking at the content people are talking about daily

Watch and make your own stop motion animations

A chance to chat to strangers on a variety of subjects

UK charity and community giving advice on cyber bullying

Clips and highlights from various NASA missions

Online community around live video streaming

A tool for sharing interesting content with friends

A social networking site to discover software used by others

Broadcast yourself from your webcam

Read the latest micro-blogging updates from the celebs

Social networking site, instant messaging, e-mail in one

Blog that is home to lively conversations on a variety of topics.

Watch DJs spinning live from the comfort of your living room

A blog, newsletter and RSS feeds about Web 2.0 products and firms

Users can build a virtual world on any page of the internet

Price comparison site for mobile phones

Slick interactive blog with music, sound, pictures and video

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