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E3 brings out the best in gaming

Marc Cieslak
Click reporter, Los Angeles

See some of the new games at the E3 show

Marc Cieslak finds out the latest developments in the world of gaming at the E3 expo in Los Angeles.

The E3 show usually brings all the major players in the games industry out in force to unveil their new products and titles.

This year Microsoft and Sony have come up with new ways to get players interacting with their games consoles.

A new control system named Project Natal for the Xbox 360 console was unveiled by Microsoft, while Sony has introduced a new controller for the PlayStation 3.

The Motion Controller for PS3 works in a similar way to Nintendo's Wii controller, by allowing players to hold a wand-like device that is replicated as a virtual object in games.

Kaz Hirai, boss of Sony Computer Entertainment
Kaz Hirai unveils Sony's portable gaming device PSP Go

Untapped market

The boss of Sony Computer Entertainment, Kaz Hirai, said the emphasis of the product was on the accuracy of its tracking movement.

"For example, writing is very hard to do if you don't have a very accurate controller, and a sensing device and a processor like the PS3 that can actually process all this information in real time," he explained.

Both Sony and Microsoft are following in the steps of Nintendo which managed to get a wider audience enthused by the Wii motion sensitive controllers.

But a big market remains untapped, according to film director Steven Spielberg, who said 60% of households do not have a gaming console yet.

The director unveiled the Xbox's hands-free control system, which he said would appeal to people unsure of how to handle technology.

Director James Cameron talks about collaboration between gaming and movies

"This is going to give people who don't usually play video games access to a whole new world that we know is so compelling, but they haven't quite discovered yet," he added.

'Worst-kept secret'

Over at the Ubisoft press conference, Titanic director James Cameron took to the stage to announce his involvement in the video game adaptation of his latest film Avatar.

He told Click that producing films in the past would take priority over games, which would simply re-adapt silver-screen content for their medium.

"Now we're seeing that it really has to be treated at eye-level - games can be developed from films, and films from games," Mr Cameron said.

This conference also saw the unveiling of Sony's new PlayStation Portable (PSP) games console.

Gamers at the Nintendo booth in E3
Rivals are fighting for Nintendo's top spot on the sales charts

The new PSP Go has sliding controls, replaces the UMD drive with 16GBs of flash memory, and now allows the user to download content via wi-fi.

The portable gaming device was branded "the worst-kept secret of E3" by Sony's Kaz Hirai during a press conference.

The gaming giant currently holds only third place against its rivals, a fall from its former dominance of the market with the PlayStation.

But while Nintendo's handheld DS and Wii home console have been top of recent sales charts, rivals are rising to the challenge with their own innovations.

Latest computer gaming gadgets
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