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Kate Russell
By Kate Russell
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Kate Russell gives us her latest selection of the best sites on the World Wide Web.


The internet is awash with virtual worlds. They come in many different shapes, sizes and orientations.

But if you are having trouble finding a place in cyberspace where you fit in, then why not create your own world?

To start life within, you first have to sign up for an invitation to use this beta site. I had to wait quite a few weeks for mine to arrive.

This powerful web 2.0 tool allows users to build a virtual world on any page of the internet. So you can make your zone within the Metaplace pages, or even host it on your own webpage or blog.

Using a series of click and drag tools, you can add textures, walls, objects and a whole lot more. There is a helpful step-by-step tutorial when you first log in.

If you want a bit more background on what the site is hoping to achieve, there is a nice tutorial by its creator Raph Koster on YouTube.

Metaplace is much more than just another Second Life cloner - it can be used as a quite powerful game development platform.

Have a wander through other worlds and you will find that many feature gaming sections where you can take on the challenges set by its creators.

Or you can just create a private place to invite friends or your community to hang out and chat. You can add RSS feeds, links and even portals to other worlds.

And chat channels can either be local to your world or global across the universe of worlds contained within Metaplace.

It is a simply amazing platform with a mind-blowing number of potential uses. I strongly recommend you take an hour or two out of your day to get to grips with it.


What would you say if I asked you how many terabytes are in an Petabyte? If you are smart you would say "let me just log on to".

This page is a wannabe-geek heaven - it has a full and frank explanation about the mystical byte in all its glorious sizes. But it is not very pretty to look at.

There are also some links to tutorials and downloads for various utility programmes. It is not immediately clear if this is an independent review site as it has no About section.

I would take the recommendations as a marketing exercise, but that does not take away from the fact it has everything you ever wanted to know about the byte.

By the way, there are about 1,000 terabytes in a petabye - and one petabyte could hold around 20 million four-door filing cabinets full of text.

COMPUTER HOPE ( is the place where you can get answers to technology questions you have been too afraid to ask before.

The site houses a really friendly and helpful forum community who will be more than happy to spend a few minutes trying to help you with your technical woes.

Just sign up and start posting. Or perhaps check first if Mr Hope can answer your question straight away. You will find him under the Free Help section.

This search tool allows you to add a query, and then trawls through the Forums pages to see if it has been discussed before.

The site's front page also hosts regular tips and fun things such as quizzes, which make it a jolly place all round.

It is also ideal for those who want to take that giant leap from technology loser, to computer user, without too many bumps.

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