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Kate Russell
By Kate Russell
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Kate Russell gives us her latest selection of the best sites on the World Wide Web.

The best of the web with Kate Russell


Finerday website

Everyone is talking about social networking sites. There are oodles and oodles to choose from - but for some people the internet is a complicated and sometimes frightening place.

If you know someone who feels that way about the online world then perhaps is the place for you to connect?

After logging in for the first time you will be prompted to invite your family or friends to join your closed network. There is a very clear video tutorial to help you do this.

All the buttons and text are presented in large contrasting fonts, making it super easy for those with poor eyesight to find their way around.

In fact the whole website concept was designed by a qualified care home worker who wanted to provide an online networking service for older people to enjoy and feel safe in.

It is early days for the site so some of the services are not yet available but you can send emails and share photos, simplifying the family communication tools into something that even your great grandmother should feel comfortable using.

The site has already been translated into Welsh, Polish and Punjabi.



RSI is a common complaint for regular computer users. In the case of computing it is caused by repeating the same keystrokes or mouse movements over and over again. is the URL where you can download a custom macro script writer which sits in your system tray and overrides Windows' default hotkeys so that you can design your own.

This looks incredibly complicated - but once you have stepped through the quick start tutorial you will realise it is really not that hard at all.

By loading up your script files with instructions to do pretty much anything you would want to do regularly, you can not only preserve your body from the strains of RSI but you can also save valuable time.

Want to open your favourite search engine? Write a macro so that you can do it on one keystroke.

Need to write your signature and contact details in an email or on a letter?

Yet again you can easily create a hotkey that performs this task at the press of a button.



One of those 'must have' tools if you are a gamer, overclocker or desktop modder.

Samurize provides all the information you need about all your computers in one central location in the form of a "config," similar to a widget or gadget, that can be placed anywhere on your desktop.

To this you can add information such as CPU usage, disk utilisation, network traffic, system temperatures, top processes, memory information and loads more.

There are scripts or plugins which can display weather reports, news headlines, music controllers - you can even use the scripts to create a text file to be displayed on your desktop - for example a to-do list.

Combine this with an autohotkey command to update the list when you think of something new to do and you are well on your way to calling yourself a serious desktop modder!

This is for total tech heads only. It is designed for use on Windows XP and 2000, with Vista fixes due out in the next build.

If you fancy having a go and need more help than the rather dry text tutorial on the website, checkout YouTube as there are plenty of great visual guides if you search for Samurize.


Uniqlock Clock

One of the most unique online clocks. displays the time in Tokyo Japan on their webpage, interspersed every five seconds with short bursts of modern dance interpretations performed by dancers in woolly jumpers and gloves.

All this is accompanied by some funky music which changes in mood depending on the time of day.

Now this is actually a viral advert from a clothing company, so the dance segments will change as the new season of clothing is released.

It is very stylish and artfully done - and oddly compelling after a hard days web surfing. If you like it enough you can download it as a screen-saver or embed it in your website or blog.

You can even change the time displayed to your home location, which is a really nice touch that has made this already a very popular viral.

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