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Kate Russell
By Kate Russell
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Kate Russell gives us her latest selection of the best sites on the World Wide Web.

The best of the web with Kate Russell


Searching the Internet can be a bit of a bind. Trust me, I do it for a living, and it never gets any easier wading through page after page of text and links.

Well, finding something of interest became easier after I came across the little gem

The idea behind this search facility is that it takes your query and returns information in the form of a bespoke webpage, including text summaries, pictures and links.

This website was originally created as a vertical search engine for information about health, automobiles and travel.

But it has now been transformed into a universal search engine for all subjects in the Internet cosmos.

Data is sourced from a wide range of places, such as Flickr, Google, Wikipedia, TheFind, Yahoo Answers, Amazon, Truveo, and YouTube.

This gives you an incredibly diverse selection of reading and watching material, and it is all laid out in a really palatable format.

TALKBIZNOW ( bills itself as an unrivalled professional networking platform.

It is like a Facebook for the boardroom and should prove a useful tool if you are in business.

The Internet is awash with networking websites these days, but what is different about this one is the decidedly business-like approach in both the design and its application.

You have a reasonably hefty profile to fill in after registering - the category fields are obligatory, and quite rightly too, if you are going to get the most out of this as a business tool.

The idea is the site allows you to connect business to business. You can invite your own network and even delve into the existing user base in the hope of finding new professional opportunities.

Once you have a network established, you can use the site to keep connected, share files and reports, and nudge colleagues with gentle reminders of approaching deadlines.

You can even host live online webinars, which is a very useful resource - check out the Tour section for a full run down of the features.


Do you have a talent? Be it music, or art, or writing, or whatever?

If you think you have the creativity to shine out from the crowd, then is just the platform to tell the world about it.

This site works on the same principles as a social networking site. It is a place for those of a creative nature to post their work in the hope of gaining recognition and reviews from their piers.

Any work posted is quality cleared by the Zooqoo council - a mystical bunch of people led by the Zoo Keeper, who basically gets to say what goes up and what does not.

If your work is accepted, it will be available for others to view and rate. You can also choose to put up just a sample of your work and make it downloadable by other users in exchange for the site's own currency Zuros.

It translates into cash minus a commission from the website, so if your work proves to be popular, you could even make some money.

Each new user is given a small amount of Zuros to spend in the classic bookstore in the first 30 days of membership - so make sure you check out what is available.

You can top up your account with hard cash if you want to - or just enjoy the free work, which is listed in categories for you to browse.

It is a brilliant addition to the networking stable and a great way to discover new talent even if you do not want to post anything yourself.


If you are a music producer and are looking for some interesting new sounds to use in your work, then will be a goldmine for you.

We love free stuff, especially if it helps us become a little more creative, and here you can download all sorts of sounds for use in music, video and audio productions.

It even has some funky sound effects for your website or presentation.

Once you have registered and confirmed your address, you can start downloading or uploading samples straight away.

Use the buttons on the opening page to jump to the categories. There are animal noises, comic sound effects and classic musical samples such as drum loops and much more.

These sounds are royalty free to use worldwide. But make sure you read the terms and conditions carefully before uploading anything to the site.

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