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Kate Russell
By Kate Russell
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Kate Russell gives us her latest selection of the best sites on the World Wide Web.

Best of the web with Kate Russell


They say everyone has a book in them. If that is true of you and your inner author, then you need to think about publishing online. is more than just about publishing words, as it is also a fantastic way to share photos with your friends and family. Have a look at some of the publications made public on the website to see what other people are doing.

Once you have signed up and launched the application, you can choose how many pages your book will be and whether you want to use a template.

Or you can put a little more work in by starting with a blank canvass - it is easy to add more pages at any time if you did not select enough first time round.

The application tools work much like standard art packages so it should not take too long for you to get the hang of. I love the way it works and the finished product looks very slick.

If you choose the template option it could not be easier to come up with something that is really impressive to send on to your friends or embed in a website or blog.


This website offers a little bit of retro chic with an 80s movies tribute site. Thinking about it, can anything from the 1980s really be considered chic? You decide.

You will notice straight away on the website that its styling is very much in keeping with the 80s theme.

There is a lot of really neat stuff on it, despite the slightly unsophisticated look of it. The information goes really in-depth and the site's creator has obviously put a lot of time into compiling it.

There is a featured movie trailer on the opening page with the sections easily accessed in a navigation panel on the left.

Once you have selected a movie, use the new navigation panel on the left to switch between reviews. These include the trailer, music and soundtrack, behind the scenes, trivia, locations and even bloopers and goofs.

If you are inspired to start watching some of these old classics there is impartial information on where to get them. There is even a guide to which releases have been given the HD and Blu-ray treatment.

It is a brilliant resource for all of us who cannot get enough of big hair and even bigger shoulder pads.


The National Transplant Trust is a UK organisation set up to support those who have had, or are waiting for a transplant.

There is something for everyone on this website, whether you are a patient, or a supporter or carer, or you know someone who has become a donor, or even if you work in the transplant sector.

On the site like-minded people discuss their experiences and offer support and advice to those going through a tough time.

Once you sign up, you will get an invitation e-mail to join the network. Check your spam folder as this is where the mail ended up for me.

Accepting the invitation and filling out your personal details gives you access to the groups and forums, or you can start your own network.

You get 20MB of free storage space for photos or anything you want to share. The site itself is simply presented and very functional and provides a very valuable resource to anyone who is affected by transplant.


With the holiday season fast approaching you might want to know precisely what gift to get a gadget-mad relative.

Or you might just be interested in knowing what not to get them. Either way, will provide the answers you seek.

According to the site's introduction, this is the 143rd best gadget site in the world. But who is counting?

I am not quite sure where they got that statistic, but it surely is a great read, stuffed full of fun and funky gadgets for you to feast your eyes on.

The in-your-face banner at the top of the page leads you to the top 10 gadgets you do not want for Christmas.

It features such wonders as the electronic snore stopper which shocks the poor sleeper every time it goes off.

The bathroom-ready "potty putter" offers keen golfers an interesting way to pass the time as they do their business.

On the plus side, there are many great gadgets featured too. Take a look at the "previously on gadget blog" panel on the opening page to jump to the features.

This site is well written, although the layout could do with a little more thought, but definitely one to bookmark if you like to keep up with what is hot in the gadget world.

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