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Kate Russell
By Kate Russell
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Kate Russell gives us her latest selection of the best sites on the World Wide Web.

Best of the web with Kate Russell


Ever fancied yourself as a secret agent? An internationally renowned spy trained to keep the country safe from evil intent?

Spooks is a popular TV series made for the BBC and at you can join the virtual fight against crime and terrorism.

This funky site lets you star in a short clip based on the new series of Spooks, Code 9.

You will need to confirm you are over 16 and then the opening sequence will set up the storyline, placing you in the unenviable position of being the only one who can help get some vital data out of a building crawling with very bad men.

You now get the chance to upload a passport picture for your ID card and state your name.

On the following page make sure you place the points on your picture carefully as this will affect the outcome of your movie.

After a short wait the website will process your picture and have you starring in a short sequence where you make your way into the building and escape in the nick of time. The software that does this is incredible. It was really weird seeing myself wielding a gun and wearing a hoodie.

Once complete you can mail it to friends, post it on Facebook, or simply use the embedded code to post it on your own blog or website.


Twitterers beware, there is a new kid on the block of social networking tools and from the look of it, it could be here to stay.

I covered Twitter a few months ago and plurk is very much the same in that it asks users to create micro blogs of what they are up to so that friends, family and fans can follow their activities. It is a great way for people to keep up to date when they lead busy lives.

What is different about plurk is that the layout is really neat. All your plurks and the plurkers you are following are displayed in a timeline.

People can leave comments on your plurks and vice versa, building up a conversation within the timeline.

You can customise the look of this page and add all the personal details you would expect from this kind of site. As you add more details and plurks and more people start to follow you, you will build up karma points - another big difference from Twitter.

Karma points unlock further features of the site, such as smilies and additional customisation tools, but be careful, if your plurking is not up to scratch people will stop following you and you will lose karma points. So much of life is reflected in the internet I find.


Think you know what is going on in the world? There are many global issues that are important to all of us and at the World Bank they understand that it is vital for people to know all the facts so they can form their own considered opinion on the issues.

This site was set up by a group of young people at the World Bank in response to the public's questions about global development.

For those not familiar with the World Bank, it is an international development organisation owned by more than 180 countries.

Its role is to reduce poverty by lending money to the governments of its poorer members to improve the health of their economies and to improve the standard of living of their people.

Click the 'issues' tab to take a look at the topics up for discussion. The layout here is fresh and clear, allowing you to concentrate on the facts.

There are slideshows and movies under the multimedia section and information about what you can do to help at the bottom of each article.

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