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Kate Russell
By Kate Russell
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Kate Russell gives us her latest selection of the best sites on the World Wide Web.

Webscape 31st October


Have you been at a family event, like a wedding or birthday party, and thought to yourself: I wish so-and-so could be here? Well, now they can, as long as you have a mobile videophone.

It is really simple to sign up to this ingenious website. Just pop your mobile number in, and everything you need to stream live video to the net, will be sent to your phone.

It is still fairly new so the list of supported phones is modest but growing. Check the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) section for more information.

If your phone works, you can start streaming video straight away to the qik site, or even direct it to a Twitter account.

Capture all those magical moments and send them out live on the internet to your loved ones around the world. Streams are recorded and stored in your profile section so you can look at them time and again.

But do remember that others can watch them too, unless you choose to make them private.


Ballroom dancing is enjoying a bit of a renaissance in the UK just now, thanks to televisions shows like Strictly Come Dancing, where celebrities battle it out on the dance floor. If you want to waltz your way through life, or do a little foxtrot after work, take a look at

This website is stuffed to the seams with videos stepping you, quite literally, through the moves. Use the navigation panel on the left to open the dance styles.

Each dance has an overview of the foot placings, a text description of both the male and female role in the dance, and then a video to help you piece it all together.

Once you click the video icon, you will need to choose between a Flash or Quicktime player before watching the no-nonsense films. Watch them again and again until you get the hang of it.

The website is simple and easy to navigate, and without many frills, so you will have to save the artistic impressions for the dance floor.


A visit to is a must if you are planning on taking a beach trip to anywhere in the EU. It will help you find your way to the cleanest spots in Europe.

Made by the European Environment Agency (EEA), the website allows users to check the EU water quality ratings for over 21,000 swimming spots in beaches, rivers and lakes around Europe.

It is laid out in a familiar click and zoom map style, so it is really easy to find the watery spot you are heading to marked on the map. You can switch between a graphical and satellite image version of the map by clicking between Road and Ariel.

The flags on the map represent either the EEA rating, or a user vote. See the key on the left for the options.

Once you zoom right in, you will see a tiny satellite picture of the location together with an option to leave your own vote.

As time goes by, this site should build into a really nice resource for beach lovers everywhere looking for a clean and safe spot to swim.


At you can take the images from any web page and creating a symmetrical work of art.

The website uses an image searcher, so query a keyword or phrase of your choosing, to enjoy a selection of symmetrical images. Try clicking some of their suggested links if you lack inspiration.

These images can make a work of art out of the most unlikely objects. Click the link under the pair of pictures to see the original source image.

The only thing the website lacks is a link to go back and try another search. You will have to use the back button on your browser or enter the address again. But that is just a minor distraction from what is a fascinating journey.

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