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Kate Russell
By Kate Russell
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Kate Russell gives us her latest selection of the best sites on the World Wide Web.


Best of the web from Kate Russell

Many modern mobile phones come internet ready, so if you are a website host yourself it would be pretty smart to make sure you have a mobile friendly version of your site for maximum coverage. is an awesome site where you can create just such a place in a few simple steps.

On the opening page there are some examples of sites created with the available software. Click on a thumbnail to open the web emulator which allows you to see how the site can be browsed when it goes live.

There are just four simple steps to create your site for mobiles. This is followed by adding your own content to the pages, but the process is really intuitive - just click and load.

Remember that you will need to work from the bottom up to change the links, as you have to name the page you want to link to before it will appear in the options.

When you are done, publishing the site is just a click away. Register with the site and after activating your account, you can finish the publish process and be delivered a URL where it is hosted.


Zabidoo logo

It can be hard to find specific webpages to browse on your handset.

What is the point of an expensive internet ready phone if you cannot find anything worth surfing?

Unless, of course, you go to the cunning search engine

You can load up your favourites on the go, and using this tool could not be easier. Just plug your mobile phone number - remembering to include the country code - into the box provided and then click to download.

A message will be sent to your phone with complete step by step instructions on how to download the application. On my phone this was downloaded to the Games directory, but it might vary for different handsets.

When you launch the application for the first time you will need to set up an account, then you can start surfing for mobile specific content straight away.

As well as offering a search box for direct terms, there are some nice pre-defined categories listed too. I like the site of the day suggestion for some random surfing experience.

Do remember though, that while you are connected to Zabidoo and any of the sites it leads you to, there may be call charges from your mobile operator which will depend on your tariff.



This neat new movie site features blockbuster movies, a whole raft of classics and television series. It is a 100% legal download site, with a natty little twist.

On the site you can watch clips, or blinks, of the movies on offer and then choose to download them for purchase or rental at a cost.

Aside from this function, as a review and trailer destination only, this website really delivers. The clips are nicely packaged and load pretty fast, with the relevant synopsis and reviews also displayed.

There are over 1,500 films on offer and if you scroll to the bottom of the television section, there is a spattering of free ad-funded programmes for you to enjoy.

And the natty twist is that if you see a clip in the Blink section that you like and want to recommend to other people, you can do so by simply clicking to share this blink and entering their e-mail.

If you are a paying customer you can make your own blinks from your favourite movies downloaded and even personalise them with a message.

This site is only licensed for UK customers to buy and rent at the moment, but the site creators tell me they will be rolling out in Europe early next year. They also have plans to take on the rest of the world in the future too. So watch this blink.


DLL-files logo

Here is a site I found when I was stumped by a missing DLL message.

DLL stands for Dynamic Link Library, and it is a file containing a library of executable functions or data required to run a programme. But you do not need to worry about that.

Just note down the name of the missing file from the error message, plug it into the search box on this site, then download and follow the instructions for installation. It could not be simpler.

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