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Click 2008 video archive

Watch episodes of Click from our archive, which will be sorted by date, for every week of 2008.

Click is also available with subtitles.

Year's Highlights 2
Spencer Kelly visits the Warner Bros archive in Los Angeles to find out how old films are being painstakingly restored, plus technology aimed at helping us get fitter.

Year's Highlights 1
Spencer Kelly travels to Seattle to see some of the latest technology being developed in the city's research labs, plus filming tips by Click editor Richard Taylor.

19 December
David Reid goes to a forum about getting the next billion users on the net. Plus a look at technologies supermarkets are using to streamline food shopping.

12 December
How organised crime gangs are leading cyber crime from the East, plus the boss of a Russian PC security firm explains why authorities are failing to track down hackers.

5 December
The latest developments in display technology, plus a review of new gadgets in the run up to the festive period.

28 November
How firms are keeping a close eye on staff working from home, plus why companies are joining forces against spammers.

21 November
David Reid looks at the latest battle against spammers, and how these are finding new ways to deceive people. Plus Spencer Kelly chats to Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak about the company's early days.

14 November
Spencer Kelly explores LittleBigPlanet, the latest online multi-player game for Playstation 3. Plus Marc Cieslak takes a look at some of the big games titles set to dominate the shelves in the run-up to the end of the year.

7 November
Dan Simmons looks at the pitfalls of biometric systems. Plus David Reid visits Ferrari's headquarters in Italy as they put some high performance software through its paces.

31 October
Dan Simmons looks at how biometrics, an individual's unique features, are being used by governments and companies. Plus, Spencer Kelly talks to the co-founder of YouTube about its copyright battle.

24 October
Spencer Kelly goes to Taiwan to find out how the tech companies there are thriving in the global consumer electronics market by growing out of manufacturing, plus a guide to giving VHS videos a digital makeover.

17 October
David Reid looks at a new form of digital broadcasting with the potential to re-draw the global radio map, plus Marc Cieslak swaps the traditional mouse and keyboard for touch, gestures and mind control.

10 October
Dutch researchers reveal how they managed to copy the chips used on London's Oyster card, plus a web publisher learns how to plug his travel website into the Web 2.0 world.

3 October
Ian Hardy looks at how the US presidential campaigns are using tech as powerful tools in their race to the Whitehouse, plus Richard Taylor tests out a few domestic gadgets.

26 September
David Reid reports on a controversial database in France, plus a look at three of the latest touch screen handsets aiming to rival the Apple iPhone.

19 September
Dan Simmons reports on a project that hopes to harness open source programmers to help disabled people in the developing world and Marc Cieslak goes to the next dimension of computing.

12 September
Marc Cieslak looks at the chips behind slick computer graphics, plus David Reid visits an Italian museum where hi-tech has replaced the exhibits.

5 September
David Reid finds out at this year's electronics IFA expo why tech firms are having to work harder to satisfy their customers, plus Rob Freeman has hard drive tips.

29 August
Spencer Kelly looks at the latest gadgets with a green theme at Hitachi's Inspire Life, plus gaming legend Will Wright talks about his latest game called Spore.

22 August
Dan Simmons makes a pilgrimage to where chips began and discovers what they will be doing next. Plus, Richard Taylor takes a snapshot of a new tool for pictorial exploration.

15 August
Marc Cieslak discovers some of the ambitions scientists have for the world's tiniest technology. Plus, David Reid meets budding software developers in Paris.

8 August
David Reid looks at how luxury brands are going to court to fight the sale of counterfeit goods online, plus following Click's report about low cost laptops, Spencer Kelly reviews some of the "bigger beasts".

1 August
In the first of two special reports from the USA, Dan Simmons looks at the ways researchers hope to stop the internet grinding to a halt and Chris Long looks at the revolution taking place in the cost and size of laptops.

25 July
Richard Taylor investigates whether the US film industry is ready to fully embrace the online world and Spencer Kelly visits the Warner Bros archive to meet the people painstakingly restoring old films using the latest technology.

18 July
The team are at E3 in Los Angeles to check out the best of the new and forthcoming computer games.

11 July
Dan Simmons looks at Apple's new iPhone and how it and its competitors are changing the way we use our phones and Spencer Kelly looks at some of the most popular mobile accessories.

4 July
Richard Taylor reports on the concept of filtering, designed to rescue us from the burden of too much online information and Chris Long investigates the latest gadgets which are aimed at looking after our fitness and health.

27 June
Ian Hardy investigates the problems of cyber-bullying and what is being done to help tackle it. Dan Simmons interviews two authors who are predicting the end of the internet as we know it and Peter Price visits Mashed, an event bringing hundreds of web developers together to create new applications.

20 June
Spencer Kelly investigates how the power of online computing could open new possibilities for digital working. Plus, Dan Simmons speaks to author and internet expert Jonathan Zittrain about his fears for the future of the web.

13 June
David Reid examines how Uefa is trying to keep the action of Euro 2008 on the up and up and away from web pirates and Rob Freeman demonstrates how to back-up your webmail.

6 June
Spencer Kelly travels to the US to see some of the latest technology being developed in Seattle's research labs. It includes a sat-nav for pedestrians, a contact lens offering augmented reality and RFID tags that could be used to help care for elderly people.

30 May
Mark Cieslak looks at the options available when your computer starts to misbehave and David Reid investigates how you could book a hotel room and open the door by using your phone.

23 May
David Reid investigates how aid agencies are using Google Earth to help highlight their work with refugees around the world and Spencer Kelly goes fishing with his mobile phone and tries a wireless camera card.

16 May
Spencer Kelly explores how to turn your new computer into a fully functioning workstation for free, and Marc Cieslak highlights some of the best freeware applications.

9 May
Dan Simmons looks at how mobile technology is allowing people to become live broadcasters and Marc Cieslak investigates how social networking sites are helping launch made for the web films.

2 May
We investigate how personal details of Facebook users could potentially be stolen by malicious hackers and Spencer Kelly interviews the boss of Phorm and a critic who says the public do not want it.

25 April
Marc Cieslak meets the guardians of taste and decency who give video games their age ratings and Chris Long tests the gadgets aimed at improving your fitness.

18 April
Spencer Kelly discovers the technological changes improving everyday treatments and procedures in the NHS and Marc Cieslak takes a look into the future to see how technology could advance healthcare.

11 April
With video technology advancing in leaps and bounds Click has compiled some tips to help you find the right camcorder and shoot from it.

4 April
David Reid discovers how idle PCs can help mankind and Ian Hardy finds out why, when it comes to broadband speed, the US could be losing out.

28 March
Marc Cieslak investigates how websites are being used to tap into the power of online social interaction and Spencer Kelly looks at how surfing the web at work may help boost productivity.

21 March
Spencer Kelly investigates whether coins and notes are on their way out in favour of cashless technologies and David Reid reports on the latest devices which aim to save the planet.

14 March
Featuring highlights of the Cebit tech show and previewing some big game titles coming soon.

7 March
Marc Cieslak investigates how GPS enabled phones could change the way we interact with each other and we look at four of the lightest, smallest, thinnest laptops currently available.

29 February
Mozilla's chairwoman talks about Firefox's success and is the paperless office is a myth or a possibility?

22 February
Spencer Kelly finds out why Blu-ray won the high definition war and Kate Ledger explores the rapidly expanding virtual worlds which are gaining popularity as people search for the perfect alternate existence.

15 February
Marc Cielsak explores the latest mobile phone technology at the Mobile World Congress and Ian Hardy investigates how buildings in New York are turning to technology to deal with deliveries and security.

8 February
David Reid investigates some of the dangers online and how children can be protected from them, and Gareth Mitchell meets up with a biker who used a long distance charity ride to help test some new technology.

1 February
Dan Simmons looked at the reasons why more of us may be using our mobiles to go online and Maggie Philbin went back to the future of TV.

25 January
Click talked to the creator of Wikipedia, Jimmy Wales, and investigated whether any of the information available on the web is actually worth consuming.

18 January
Click checked out the latest ways of storing and distributing your media around the home and took a look back at some eye catching technologies on display at CES.

11 January
Spencer Kelly guided you around the first big technology expo of the year, the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas while Dan Simmons and Chris Long picked out a few technologies which they think are going to start making it big in 2008.

4 January
Click celebrated its 400th episode and reported on the advances being made in Mauritius as it strives to become the world's first cyber island.

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