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By Kate Russell
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Kate Russell gives us her latest selection of the best sites on the World Wide Web.

Yahoo Mail

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We start with a real web classic that has had a makeover.

Yahoo Mail was one of the first web-based e-mail clients out there and while the likes of Google Mail has grabbed all the attention for its huge storage features, Yahoo's service has become the most popular mail client by some margin with 250 million users.

Now it has trumped its rival by offering unlimited e-mail storage.

You can access Yahoo Mail from the main Yahoo portal of the country you are in but you can also get there directly at

If you are new to the service, signing up is free and straightforward. And if you are an old timer who has been using the old version of Yahoo Mail, you will be implored to try the new, beta version and experience it in all its glory.

What appears is an uncluttered interface. The mail screen is designed to look and feel similar to Outlook.

You can move messages at will, simply by dragging and dropping and they can be sorted by name, date and so on.

First time round you may want to customise, but here is where you can see evidence that this is still a work in progress: it has been in beta for a well over a year and quite a few of the options like mail forwarding are not yet available. Come on Yahoo, get cracking!

Now having unlimited storage can of course lead to trawling through thousands of e-mails.

The search function is invaluable if you are searching for something specific, returning results from Yahoo's servers generally within a few seconds.

Finally, there is a great mobile version of the application so you check your mail whilst you are on the move.

Remote Desktop for Mobiles

The BBC is not responsible for the content of external internet sites.

Now, ever fancied accessing your desktop while you are thousands of miles away to retrieve that one vital piece of information you forgot to take on the road with you?

We have mentioned services like LogMeIn before - a free download that sits on your PC and allows you to access it from any other computer in the world. It is brilliant and can be a lifesaver.

Well now there is an application which takes it a step further.

Shape Services offers a variety of applications which allow you to access your home or work PC from your mobile phone.

The one we are interested in here is RDM+ - Remote Desktop for Mobiles. There is a free seven day trial version after which you have to pay $30 (15).

Once you have installed the application you are away.

You will see the screen of the remote computer appear on your mobile phone and using your keypad or touch screen you can operate the mouse and keyboard of the remote computer.

Quite amazing really, and definitely a great party piece to show off to your friends. But it can also be genuinely useful - say if you need to retrieve that important document.

Now you can locate it on your desktop computer and e-mail yourself an attachment to your webmail account.

Of course browsing through a two inch screen is not quite the experience of a 19 inch monitor. But overall, a fascinating application well worth trying out for a glimpse of what the future will bring.

The BBC is not responsible for the content of external internet sites.

Finally, a small but almost-perfectly formed little application which lives on - or rather under - that desktop you will be browsing.

Wallpaper slideshow from LogMeIn lets you control the images which give your desktop that personal touch.

It is a free download of just over 2MB. You do have to install a totally unrelated wallpaper LT toolbar for your browser when you install the main program but you can also cleanly uninstall it at any time.

The application lives in the system tray in the bottom right of your screen and it is from there you configure it to your taste.

You can add single images or indeed entire folders full of pictures from anywhere on your computer. And you will find other options like how long you want each image to stay up and whether or not to randomise them.

One thing to note though is running it does take up a little bit of ram, the exact amount will depend on your image, so I would think twice about installing this if you have an older or slower computer.

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