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Last Updated: Friday, 15 June 2007, 14:25 GMT 15:25 UK
Awards honour the web's best
Ian Hardy
By Ian Hardy
Click's North America technology correspondent

There are now countless technology awards but the Webbys was one of the originals, which is why the most recognisable faces in tech turn up.

YouTube creators Steve Chen and Chad Hurley pick up their Webby award
YouTube creators Steve Chen and Chad Hurley pick up their Webby

The red carpet was a new touch this year - softer for the feet of multi millionaires and billionaires.

But not soft enough for YouTube's founders, Steve Chen and Chad Hurley, who only made it part way along before fleeing from the TV reporters who no doubt had some fun questions about copyright issues.

But nevertheless they did win Persons of the Year.

David Bowie, who received a Lifetime Achievement Webby, arrived on site seconds before his award and ran out moments later. And since the speeches are only supposed to be five words long he did not have too much to say either: "So, only get five words. S*** that was five. Four more there. Three. Two."

Not everyone tries to be funny, clever or even the slightest bit entertaining but others must take weeks to think up a clever concoction of verbal ingredients that make a perfect speech stew.

The Beastie Boys had a good one that the geek saturated audience found funny: "Can anyone fix my computer?"

Webby Awards logo
The Webby Awards are in their 11th year

They won Artist of the Year for giving 50 video cameras to fans at one of their concerts and putting together a film made up from the footage called Awesome, I Shot That, to be released this summer.

The Beastie Boys have always blended technology and creativity without too much trouble.

"We've been involved with most of the creative aspects of what we've done - record covers, videos - since we first started out," said the band's Adam Yauch.

"So it makes sense that we stay involved with however the group's being presented."

The point has been made that the same corporations keep winning Webbys year after year. And the BBC have done it again with the Best News Website.

The BBC acceptance speech was: "Alan, we're thinking of you." Alan is Alan Johnston, the BBC journalist abducted at gunpoint on 12 March in Gaza, who is on everyone's minds.

Meanwhile techlebrities littered the venue. Ebay's CEO Meg Whitman picked up a Lifetime Achievement Award, and lonelygirl15 won for Best Actress, having fooled millions of YouTubers with heartfelt tales of her life - later revealed as a manufactured hoax.

But the Best Viral Video award went to the Diet Coke and Mentos guys, as they are known. And let us face it - who has not seen that by now.

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