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Last Updated: Friday, 9 March 2007, 17:35 GMT
Kate Russell
By Kate Russell
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Kate Russell gives us her latest selection of the best sites on the World Wide Web.

Bloglines website

The BBC is not responsible for the content of external internet sites.

Have you got into the blog craze yet?

Blogging has become one of the core public uses for the internet, and you can find a blog about pretty much any subject you care to think of, and maybe some you would rather not think of too.

Bloglines is much more than just a directory of blogs. You can search for blogs by subject and popularity, as you would expect, but you can also search for news feeds and web-rich content, as well as creating your own personal homepage stuffed full of all the sorts of things you like, but you will need to register, which is free and easy.

The main control panel for your page is laid out in a file-tree structure just like Explorer, so it is easy to get to grips with. Now you can customise your feeds, and even set up your own blog in just a couple of clicks.

A great resource for the novice blogger.

Never Ending Story.co.uk website

The BBC is not responsible for the content of external internet sites.

The next website is an intriguing concept which allows you to contribute to a continually evolving online story.

It was sent in by one of its creators, Arup Biswas. He says it is the web's first and only editorially controlled, interactive and constantly evolving book-building website. A bit of a mouthful for what is a surprisingly simple website.

There are quite a few stories to choose from, which have apparently been started by well-known authors and personalities.

Use the links at the bottom of the opening page to jump to the various sections and then scroll through the list on the following page until you find something that inspires you.

The idea is that you read the story so far, and then write your own page to follow on from where it ends.

You will need to register to do this and there are fiction and non-fiction options to choose from.

The website does state that once the books reach publishable length they will go into print with the contributing authors credited as on the website, but do not be expecting any royalties even if it becomes a best seller.

Fifi and the Flower Tots website

The BBC is not responsible for the content of external internet sites.

A little something for our younger viewers now, and it is time for the parents to get a set of earplugs if they do not want to listen to the crazy happy music that goes along with the series Fifi and the Flowertots.com.

The website is the home of the online club for fans of this popular kids TV series and it is worth mentioning at the start that while the target audience for this site is for toddlers, there is still quite a lot of text and menus to negotiate so you are going to have to supervise their session.

Colourful and totally in-keeping with the TV show, your tots can enjoy games and activities, and print stuff out for colouring in.

With each activity they complete they get awarded a plant for their garden, which you can access from the Flowertot Fun menu.

Gear change website

The BBC is not responsible for the content of external internet sites.

Finally, a very quick look at a quirky little website about musical gear changes.

A favourite trick of Eurovision song contest entries, boy and girl bands and crooners the world over, a musical gear changes the pitch of the song up, known to musos as a modulation.

It is a device used to create tension in a song or performance. And as you will quickly realise, its creator is not very fond of this device at all and presents his case against it in the "Hall of Shame".

Browse in your chosen way using the links at the top - you will find artists like Abba, the Beatles, Bon Jovi and Chicago - all guilty as charged of using the truck driver's gear change.

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