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Last Updated: Friday, 6 July 2007, 09:12 GMT 10:12 UK
By Kate Russell
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Kate Russell gives us her latest selection of the best sites on the World Wide Web.


The BBC is not responsible for the content of external internet sites.

Passportstamp.com allows the user to create a personalised map of their travels across the globe, and then discuss their exploits with other web users who have been clocking up the air miles.

It is necessary to register to use all of the sites features but registration is free and fairly simple.

Once that is complete select My Travel Record on the top left of the menu, and then enter the countries around the world you have visited. A map of the globe highlighting your travels will appear and it is instantly updated with every new entry.

From here it is possible to compare your own map with other users by heading over to the My Friends page and clicking the box labelled comparison map.

Apart from showing off how well travelled you are, this map feature is really a jumping off point for the other main feature of the site, namely the lively travel forums. Here you will find discussions ranging from: "What's the worst country in the world you've visited?" to useful hotel and travel tips. Members can also indulge in a spot of travel-related blogging.

Nasa: Jet Propulsion Laboratory

The BBC is not responsible for the content of external internet sites.

While humans have only flown as far as the moon, Nasa's Jet Propulsion labs have despatched unmanned craft to most of the planets in our solar system.

Those robotic missions have all been documented on our next site.

A visit to www.jpl.nasa.gov reveals the extent of unmanned space exploration. There are masses of information on current space missions like the Cassini deep space probe's progress, to thousands of photos and articles about every unmanned flight.

From the homepage the site is broken down into sections discussing the stars and galaxies, our own solar system and JPL's technology.

Each section is jam-packed with graphics, in depth articles and video files aplenty.

If simply admiring the planets thatJPL's probes have visited is your thing, the images section contains thousands of pictures taken from ground based telescopes and spacecraft up close. The Cassini probe's recent shots of Saturn are particularly spectacular.

Along with the eye candy there is plenty of serious kit to check out. The technology section is home to JPL's robotics archive, with detailed explanations of the technology behind rovers and probes.

A great site for space fans with so much information available you will still be surfing the site by the time humans build a base on the moon.


The BBC is not responsible for the content of external internet sites.

LibriVox provides free audio books and files of literary classics which are in the public domain.

Rather than famous actors lending their vocal talents to the readings, the audio books here are read out by volunteers.

All of the audio books are literary classics and are out of copyright so they can be downloaded and listened to free of charge.

You will not find any Dan Brown or John Grisham but classics like Jane Austen's Emma and Lewis Carroll's Alice's Adventures in Wonderland are all here.

At present there are nearly 650 audio titles to choose from.

Selecting Listen on the homepage leads to the catalogue. Titles can be searched by author or title or you can simply browse through the whole catalogue.

Once a title has been selected, there is a brief description of the work along with links to further information about the author. Scrolling down the page reveals the file format available for download; right click to save to your hard drive and you are away.

The list of titles is not as long as I would like, but it is growing all the time and the quality of the recordings is generally very good.

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