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Click 2007 video archive

Watch episodes of Click from our archive, sorted by date, for every week of 2007.

28 December
Click looks back at a year in technology in the second of two programmes showcasing the highlights of 2007.

21 December
Click looks back at a year in technology in the first of two programmes showcasing the highlights of 2007.

14 December
Click finds out if sat-nav can prevail over a taxi driver and guides you through the latest GPS devices.

7 December
We looked at the developments in visual radio and found out why the music industry is pinning its hopes on downloading music from mobiles.

30 November
We met the co-founders of the controversial file-sharing site The Pirate Bay, assessed the ongoing high definition DVD format war and reviewed the big game titles set to dominate the shelves in the run-up to Christmas.

23 November
We talked VOIP, found out why the internet is making life tough for photographers and Rob had some hard drive wisdom to impart.

16 November
We find out whether a computer can really drive a car, and find out how your PC can become a 3G transmitter.

9 November
Click looks at the impact quad-core processors could make to computers, reviews the latest touch screen portable devices and finds out about iBar.

2 November
Click runs an eye over the latest Apple kit and examines the upgrade to Apple's OS X operating system.

27 October
Dan Simmons investigates the new generation of Bluetooth devices and Spencer talks to the woman behind one of Asia's most popular online games.

20 October
We looked at the digital alternatives to analogue television and spoke to internet pioneer Vint Cerf.

13 October
Click finds out what the games industry expects to find in the next generation of games and Philips boss Rudy Provoost explains his company's human approach to the user experience.

6 October
We investigate whether movie-style hacking scenarios are just the stuff of scriptwriters' dreams and visit an expo in New York which has been showcasing the latest gadgets.

29 September
We looked at the streaming future of internet TV and guided you through digital photo frame technology.

22 September
We travelled to Estonia to find out about the down side of being an internet early adopter, and Spencer had a long chat with Star Wars producer Rick McCallum.

15 September
Spencer was turned into a movie monster and Marc investigated social security online.

8 September
We went on the trial of the e-campaign and reported on a web initiative which is helping to educate and empower a South African town.

1 September
We reported on why search engines are fighting to keep hold of our personal data and looked back to Tomorrow's World.

25 August
We looked under the hood of the $100 laptop and reported on why the Wii's success has surprised game makers.

18 August
As the demand for more powerful PCs increases, Click looks at how energy can also be saved and Gareth Mitchell reports from the Biennale Art Festival in Venice.

11 August
We take a look at the electric cars with sports car performance and find out if your microwave may soon be talking to your fridge.

4 August
We take a look at the start-ups at the forefront of innovation in Silicon Valley.

28 July
We report on Microsoft's School of the Future and speak to Bill Gates about his vision for education.

21 July
We visited the new, slimmer, E3, and learned all about Bluetooth and Flash memory.

14 July
Meet the internet detectives fighting crime and could the future for computer memory be flash?

7 July
We tried out the iPhone and talked to the guys who created YouTube.

30 June
We found out how mobile phones can ease traffic congestion and met a superstar gamer.

23 June
We get a handle on bumpy virtual maps, and find out how software manufacturers plan to make piracy an impossibility.

16 June
We visited the Webby Awards, and asked whether the internet infrastructure can really cope with the YouTube generation.

9 June
We looked at Open Source software, talked about space travel, and searched smartly.

2 June
We featured a web exclusive interview with musician Peter Gabriel, and wondered whether Web 2.0 really exists.

26 May
Click reports on home networking, digital set-top boxes and reveals the results of the Click photo competition.

19 May
Click reports from Namibia on how to get connected when you are not on a power grid, plus telemedicine - the technology giving time back to patients.

12 May
Click reports from South Africa, a country with a unique set of technological challenges.

5 May
Social networking spawns a new concept - banking. And Dan Simmons reports on the side of HDTV that has not been getting the hearing it deserves.

28 April
We reveal the origins of spam e-mails and suggest ways of fighting back and Marc Cieslak looks at what the latest generation of games consoles can do besides playing games.

21 April
We talked to the CEO of Adobe about the company's newest technologies and Ian Hardy reported on the increasing number of web-based software.

14 April
We reported on the high-definition projectors that are giving televisions a run for their money and revealed how bloggers are avoiding the internet censors trying to silence dissent on the web.

7 April
We looked at how internet searches are manipulated by bloggers and big business and offered some advice for anyone thinking of buying a camcorder.

31 March
We look at the latest developments in digital file compression and find out if Sony's PlayStation 3 is standing up to fierce competition from other consoles.

24 March
We report from CeBIT on future tech & tiny computers.

17 March
We take an in-depth look at Digital Rights management and how it affects your ability to watch or hear the content you pay for.

10 March
Spencer Kelly talks to some of the big names in games history and interviews the man behind Craig's list.

3 March
We report on technology addiction and the growing threat of cyber fraud.

24 February
We look at the demise of the traditional TV, Rob tells you how to stop your batteries going flat, and we encounter the interface between virtual and reality.

17 February
We report from the 3GSM mobile phone conference in Barcelona, with all the latest on future developments in handheld devices.

10 February
Dan reports on how to stay one step ahead of the hackers and Spencer looks at the impact of digital downloads on the music charts.

3 February
Vista hits the shelves and we gave it a road test, while Ian Hardy got to grips with the 1 Terabyte hard drive.

27 January
Marc Cieslak looks at the illegal ways to download up-to-date TV, and the methods being used to combat this trend. Ian Hardy explains why the format war that was expected to run hot in '06 may in fact dominate '07 instead and Kate Russell explores websites about dogs and drinking.

20 January
Chris Long goes mobile and takes his media on the road, in all sorts of ways. Ian Hardy checks out the latest in-car gadgets on display at CES and Kate Russell takes a look at the web's best in Webscape, including sites about science and education.

13 January
Dan Simmons looks at the new ways that we can use our PCs to send content to our TVs. Ian Hardy visits San Francisco to see the new Apple products unveiled by Steve Jobs and Kate Russell takes a look at the web's best in Webscape, including sites about cooking and Opera.

6 January
Dan Simmons visits Microsoft's Innovation day in Brussels to see what cool tools they are developing. David Reid investigates a French social networking site for local people and Kate Russell takes a look at the web's best in Webscape, including sites about snowboarding and games.

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