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Last Updated: Friday, 30 December 2005, 11:02 GMT
Stephen Cole leaves Click Online
After nearly six years at the helm, Stephen Cole is Clicking Online for the last time, as he bows out in the final programme of 2005.

Stephen Cole

It has been more than five years since I first welcomed you all to Click Online.

In that time we have met Microsoft's Bill Gates, Intel's Gordon Moore, and some chap called Bill Clinton.

Technology has developed more than even we guessed: mobile phones that surf the web, carrying thousands of tunes around in your pocket, computers that connect without wires...

And now it is time for even more change because the final show of 2005 is also my last time presenting Click Online.

The first programme of 2006 will go on to bigger and better things.

Don't forget to tune in at the regular time next week to get a taste of our new look, and our new presenter!

Click Online is broadcast on BBC News 24: Saturday at 2030, Sunday at 0430 and 1630, and on Monday at 0030. It can be watched on the website from late Friday afternoon. A short version is also shown on BBC Two and BBC News 24 as part of BBC Breakfast: Saturday at 0645. Also BBC World.


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