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Last Updated: Friday, 9 December 2005, 16:20 GMT
Click Online's regular feedback slot allows you to have your say on issues mentioned in the programme and other technology matters.

This week we revisit Tokyo and Richard Taylor's report about using your mobile phone as your cash. We have already looked at one aspect of security on this, but David Stewart in the UK was worried about the added risk of simply carrying your mobile:

"I have just watched the item about the mobile phones in Japan, being used to replace credit cards. What about security? In this country people get mugged for a mobile phone. And if the mobile was to be worth the additional value of a credit card it might make matters worse."

We don't know the answer. On the one hand do we let the fear of crime block useful technological progress, on the other do we compromise our safety for the next "nice idea" gadget? What's the best way to move forward?

And now a question of pronunciation for Rob Freeman, who introduced us to the Dvorak keyboard a few weeks ago. There were quite a lot of e-mails...

"I cringed each time Rob Freeman mispronounced Dvorak in this week's programme, and I'm sure any music lovers watching did likewise. It should of course be pronounced like the name of the Czech composer Anton Dvorak, as if it were written as 'Dvor-Jaques'."
Tom Patterson, N. Ireland

We think there are two camps here - certainly in the office and most other IT places we go it is the plain old "Dvorak", but the instant you move out into the real world it becomes "Dvor-Jaques".

As far as we know Rob's musical taste doesn't move much further beyond Abba so we doubt if the New World Symphony appears on his music player very often. We can only apologise to music lovers and hope they see it the techie's way.

"Recently you talked about a lizard getting into someone's power supply. My computer stopped working and when I opened the case I discovered a large family of ants and a small ant hill inside my computer. I got some ant-repelling chalk from the local market and so far this has kept ants away from my computer."
Yogendran, India

Ant-repelling chalk - now that's one way to tackle computer bugs! Sounds like a good idea.

And finally how about this from Chris Randall, in the Cayman Islands:

"A small snake lives in the back of my son's PC but it is no trouble to extract him before using it."

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