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Kate Russell
By Kate Russell
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Kate Russell gives us her latest selection of the best sites on the World Wide Web.

Underground History

The BBC is not responsible for the content of external internet sites.

The London Underground is an icon in global public transport.

Stations have been featured in Hollywood movies such as "Sliding Doors", so the next natural step is for someone to make a website about them.

Enter viewer Hywel Williams, presumably from London.

His site, Underground History, is actually a detailed almanac of nine abandoned and disused Underground stations in London.

It makes for a fascinating read, with pictures and descriptive texts that really give you a flavour of the atmosphere of these places.

I was actually in the Aldwych station last year, to watch "American Werewolf in London" no less, and abandoned stations are seriously spooky.

Aside from the atmosphere, there is loads of really interesting history in here too.

There is even a link to a 1929 map of the Underground system as it was back then.

Hywel, I commend you on the level of research and content you've included in this site.

I have to admit, I had never really thought of myself a train station spotter but I will certainly be keeping a better eye out next time I am on the tube.

The Dreams Foundation

The BBC is not responsible for the content of external internet sites.

One of the most fascinating but least known-about facets of the human mind is our capacity for dreams.

Luckily there are some great resources online where research has been collated.

The Dreams Foundation is the place you should visit if you want to know more about what goes on inside your mind when you are sleeping.

Many people believe your dreams are a window to your innermost needs and fears.

Before you think I have gone all cosmic on you, this is not a dreamer's dictionary.

The articles in these pages are more a collection of semi-scientific writings about all kinds of things from belief systems and practises regarding dreams throughout history, to advise on how to improve your memory of dreams, and how you might connect with them to bring benefits to your waking life.

The pages are visually uninspiring, but make great reading if you are interested in the subject.


The BBC is not responsible for the content of external internet sites.

I stumbled on this website looking for information about how to tell if people are lying to you.

Blifaloo.com has been designed in a nicely understated way.

I like the simplicity of the opening page, which allows you to see clearly what you can expect of the site.

Basically stuff like games, magic tricks, quizzes and jokes.

The games are another nice collection of the kinds of Flash playthings you see all over the internet these days.

Mini Putt Golf is definitely worth a play, as is Mini Pool, which had me stumped for a while.

You have to hold down the left mouse button to aim and take the strength of hit as timed from the power bar on the left of your screen.

A last quick note on the page that brought me here in the first place.

There seemed to be some interesting information about telling how truthful people are being with you under Useful/Useless Info.

You might want to check out their sources before taking anyone to court over it, though.

Art pad

The BBC is not responsible for the content of external internet sites.

Our last website was suggested by my gaming buddy Grim.

It is a great little paint tool that lets you create your own animated reconstructions of the artistic process.

You can find it at Art.com, and if you click on Artpad on the opening page you will find this wonderful toy that you can use to entertain yourself and your friends with for hours.

Just click on any thumbnail to begin, then start expressing yourself using the fairly standard paint tool interface of palettes, brushes and opacity settings.

Once you are done, and here is the fun bit, you can replay the creative process.

You can even send your masterpieces as totally individual e-cards.

Use the text and bucket tools to liven up personal messages.

I will have to leave it up to your imagination how you use this tool.

Maybe you could send me a thank you card for pointing you in the website's direction? Ok, maybe not.

All that is left for me to say is thank you for keeping those suggestions coming in.

If you have any suggestions for this page, please visit our "Contact us" page to get in touch.

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