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Last Updated: Friday, 7 October 2005, 17:27 GMT 18:27 UK
Click Online's regular feedback slot allows you to have your say on issues mentioned in the programme and other technology matters.

First up a question of ink, or at least how much ink.

P Korouei writes: "In my school I accidentally printed four pages of full colour printing in a laser jet printer. My teacher went mad. So I'm writing to ask you how much ink did I use up?"

A fantastic question. We were arguing about this in the office and quickly realised that we did not have the faintest idea how much ink was used.

So some bright spark had the idea of asking the experts, meaning you. So, we want you to tell us how much ink is used when printing four A4 pages of full colour.

Send your answers to clickonline@bbc.co.uk and we want to know how you worked it out too.

Now, a couple of weeks ago we received a letter from Victor Hackney in Manchester and Düsseldorf.

"I am disturbed sometimes with younger people referring to the old men who they think know nothing about computers. I build computers and design databases. And by the way I am 78 years of age."

And I foolishly said he was probably our oldest techie. As ever you amazed us with your replies.

Here are some of them:

Bryce Gibson in Kelowna BC Canada says:

"I am 82 and began to work with computers in 1964. I now have a PC and a lap top, wireless networked, a digital camera and a digital video camera".

And Walt in Huddersfield says: "And I obtained two certificates qualifying as a level 2 computer technician and I am now on a 'computer trouble shooting' course', and I am in my 81st year. I met a chap the other day when he was taking his computer for repair. He was 90 years young..."

Hold on Walt - you mean the chap you saw did not fix his computer himself? We will have to check if that counts. And let us not forget the ladies.

Eileen Younghusband says:

"I was watching Click Online and heard about the 78 year computer user. Thought you might like to know I am 84, on my fourth computer, constantly upgrading and learning new things. I use it for emailing, writing, filing articles and letters. Plus I have a web site where I am writing my autobiography. And may I add I am female!!!"

We even got an e-mail from computing royalty.

Leonard H King says:

"Hi I have just finished building my son and myself computers and I'm just 81 years of age. I also assisted in the communications at Bletchley Park in 1940."

Do not forget along with the Enigma code breakers the first computers were invented at Bletchley Park in the early 1940s which makes Lenoard a very important chap in our world.

And after the oldest, what else but the youngest.

Lawrence Murgatroyd in Falmouth, Cornwall says:

"Hello Fellow Techys! What about your youngest viewer?!?! I'm only 12 and emailing you from my own laptop on my wireless network!"

I know I should not ask, but is there a youngest viewer? Let us know,

And lastly, online etiquette.

In Belfast, Mrs White asks:

"Dear Click on Line, I am writing to ask a question. Is there a correct way in which to write an e-mail? I have read that you shouldn't use capitals, but, I wouldn't write a letter without using capitals, so why not e-mails?"

It is not so much using capitals. You are allowed to use capital letters for names as you would normally but the problem starts when you use capital letters for all the words it looks like YOU ARE SHOUTING. And that is not a good thing, so capitals are good - SHOUTING is not.

Feel free to drop us a line with your own recommendations for good manners in emails you should know the address by now clickonline@bbc.co.uk

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