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Last Updated: Friday, 10 September, 2004, 14:10 GMT 15:10 UK
By Kate Russell
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Kate Russell gives us another selection of sites from her "favourites" folder, for Click Online's regular Webscape slot.

If you've spent any time surfing the web, I'm sure you'll agree there's an awful lot of rubbish littering the information super-highway.

But in all my countless hours of surfing, I'm thrilled to know that I can still stumble upon a website that opens new cultural avenues.

I'm talking about tango and not just strutting up and down on a sweaty dance floor in some romantic venue either although obviously that does play a part.

This website goes more into the musical roots of the dance, with audio clips, pictures, biographies, interviews and so much more.

You can browse the pages in English or Spanish at this address if you substitute the '.com' with a '.de', you'll get a German site on the subject instead.

The music, in particular, is what drew me in. Passionate, thoughtful tunes from various eras.

If you've never listened to proper tango music before, I can strongly recommend you do.

For those of you with a musical ear, you can listen to many of the tunes with the sheet music in front of you just click sheet music under library.

You can even request a printer-friendly version so you can learn to play it yourself.

The lyrics are generally in Spanish, but reading them on-screen or printed out at the same time as hearing the music can really help you identify with the emotions expressed by the performer.

Failing that a cut and paste job into an online translator should give you some idea of the plot if you need it.


Next up, another brilliant website that this time fuelled an existing passion of mine, life in the sea.

But as well as being about one of my favourite subjects, this website is an excellent example of a really well maintained and considered portal.

It actually describes itself as a news service, which I suppose is accurate for a daily updated portal of this nature.

I certainly wasn't disappointed by the links it provided. Navigation is a cinch, though it took me a few seconds to work out that page one was the only place I needed to look for the homepage button.

Nice touch since it is a newspaper format, though I did feel a tiny bit silly at the time.

Other than that though, the sections are clearly stated for even the most novice marine biologists.

Of course, because this is a portal whose content changes daily, no one can guarantee the links at the time you surf it, but from what I saw this week, I found the links to be generally informative, and clearly well researched.

World Health Organisation

We get a lot of emails suggesting websites, and some just requesting websites in a particular vein, like Bill, who wrote in and asked for some websites with a bit of more weight.

I would say the home of the World Health Organisation definitely fits into that category.

The World Health Organization is the UN agency for health, its objective is to bring the highest possible levels of health to all people.

Its work is invaluable on a global scale and on its website you can read about all its latest campaigns and interventions.

You can choose to browse the pages in English, Spanish or French and it's really clearly laid out.

The navigation panel on the left links you to the various sections, and if you click countries you can browse the articles geographically.

You'll find features, advice, editorial and pictures that all really bring the scale of the health problems faced in some areas into perspective.

You may find some of the images disturbing, but it'll be an eye-opener if you've not really followed the activities of the World Health Organisation to date.

In the right hand panel you'll find links to the latest news in certain areas relevant to today's issues, and there's even a useful little tool called Travellers' Health, which offers down-to-earth advice about travel risks and precautions, and vaccination requirements.


From in-depth to skimming the surface now, quite literally.

If you've ever sat silently at a dinner party while the other guests animatedly discuss the plot of some classic movie you haven't seen, then this next site could be the answer to your prayers.

Movie-a-Minute is a fun site - simple to look at, but absolutely free - although you may have to put up with pop-up ads if you don't want to sign up for a subscription.

It is worth a browse though if you're killing a few minutes while your lunch goes down, especially if you're into movies.

The website's contributors have condensed the plot lines of dozens of popular movies into just a few sentences.

Go and have a look. It's well worth a visit if you like this kind of off-beat humour, like I do.

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