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Last Updated: Friday, 6 January 2006, 16:46 GMT
About Click
Welcome to Click, the BBC's flagship technology show.

Tech newbie or ubergeek, you are bound to find something of interest - all easily digestible (promise!).

Each week we feature in-depth reports on the latest developments in the hi-tech world, from the 'net to computing, mobile technology to lifestyle. Watch out for web reviews, computer hints and tips... and loads more besides.

The show is available on various platforms - BBC News 24, BBC World, a cut-down version on BBC Breakfast each weekend - and of course online itself.

Read more about the people behind the programme:

Spencer Kelly

Spencer Kelly
Spencer took over as presenter of the show from Stephen Cole in January 2006.

Previously, he studied computer science at Cambridge for three years, before realising that he had not understood any of it.

So he went to work in radio, and presented a breakfast show for years and years. And years.

He now tries to combine his love for tech with his love for not doing too much work, with limited success. He only shaves when he's on telly.

Richard Taylor
Editor and Series Producer

Richard Taylor
Richard Taylor earned scholarships at Oxford and McGill Universities before deciding in 1994 it was time to leave the ivory towers and enter the big, bad world of broadcast journalism.

In addition to shaping the overall look and taking responsibility for the content of the programme, Richard is Click's self-proclaimed gadget freak.

Outside of work, he dabbles in electronic music and enjoys watching Arsenal FC win numerous trophies.

He's married with one daughter and lives in London.

Chris Long

Chris Long
Chris spent six years fixing computers "not very well" so decided to report on them instead.

He worked on magazines for 10 years and then decided to annoy television viewers.

Now, he is to be found offering his breathtakingly accurate insights on the world of technology and making bad jokes on Click.

Whatever it is he did, he is terribly sorry - and asks that you send food.

Ian Hardy

Ian Hardy
Our North American Technology Correspondent Ian Hardy has been based in New York City for more than 10 years.

He has worked on scores of BBC programmes: everything from Radio One's Newsbeat to the exclusive Mayor Giuliani special with David Frost.

Ian has reported from dozens of locations around the United States - the White House Oval Office, a helicopter over Miami Beach and from the top of the World Trade Center.

David Reid

David Reid
David is a much travelled man. After growing up in the United States, Britain and the Caribbean, his first job was working for a newspaper and then TV station in the Central American country of Belize.

After studying for a Masters in International Relations he worked for BBC Radio 4 as a reporter and producer before quitting the smoke and heading for France.

He now lives in Lyon where he works as an independent TV producer and pursues the British dream of doing up a ramshackle farmhouse, though in his case it is a former laundry.

Dan Simmons

Dan Simmons
Dan started as a freelance journalist in 1994, and joined the BBC as a news reporter/producer in 1997.

He is interested in the ways in which we all use and interact with technology.

Pet hate: error messages he doesn't understand. Pet love: USB keyrings.

Outside work he tries to keep the peace between skiers and snowboarders. He also enjoys sailing and photography.

If he was not doing this job he would like to run his own vineyard.

Talia Franco

Talia Franco

Talia brings an international flavour to the team, being half Italian and half Turkish.

She studied media and communication systems at university before deciding to ditch all that to work on a technology TV show.

She used to work for CNN and, since leaving, smiles incessantly.

She is the brightest spark in the team and keeps everyone's spirits up when new bits of kit crash and burn.

Kate Russell

Kate Russell
Kate's passion for computers started when she got hooked on her very first computer game, Elite, at the tender age of 12.

Since then she has been lucky enough to turn that childhood passion into a career, appearing on a frightening amount of TV programmes and in print as a technology pundit and general all-round know-it-all.

In her spare time she likes to tinker with her PC, is still hooked on video games and is currently teaching herself computer animation. Yes, that's right. She really is a geek.

Rob Freeman
Click tip-ster

Rob Freeman
Robert was brought up in New Zealand, his hi-tech experience beginning at an early age with a school programming course in RISC-OS.

Exploration of alternative operating systems has been an interest ever since.

After gaining a journalism qualification Robert was a reporter at TVNZ's regional bureaux before joining the BBC's online newsroom.

As well as contributing to Click, Rob works behind the scenes at the BBC developing interactive news shows.

Mike Connelly
Lighting and cameraman

Mike Connelly
Mike joined The Rank Organisation after leaving school at 16.

While there he worked on classic features films such as The Italian Job, Billion Dollar Brain, Chitty Chitty Bang Bang, and many James Bond and Carry On Films.

Mike moved to television in 1974, since when he has filmed documentaries for all of the major British and US broadcasters.

Mike is divorced with three lovely teenage children.

Kevin Leavy

Kevin Leavy

Kevin composes and produces music from his studio based in Cambridge.

He has put his music to BBC productions such as Horizon and Missing and most recently our very own Click.

With musical influences stemming from Debussy to Daft Punk, you can check out his tunes at www.leavymusic.co.uk


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