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Do you fancy appearing on Click?

This is your chance to be seen and heard.

Send us a video or audio clip for our feedback slot and, who knows, you may have your 15 minutes of fame after all.

Send your question or comment via the e-mail form

If you have a complaint about Click, or about any other BBC programme or service, please visit the BBC Complaints website.

How to send your clip

If you have a soundcard and microphone, or a camera attached to your computer and microphone, you can have your say, in your own words and in your own voice.

We can use most media formats. Two common ones, RealPlayer and Windows Media, both have free encoders available:

We can also play back Quicktime and most of the MPEG file variants, eg. MPEG-1, MP3 etc.

Please use caution before encoding media in a format that can only be played back with the hardware used to create it. It is unlikely that we would have exactly the same hardware that is on your computer and therefore we will not be able to play your file unless you use a standard method of creating it.

Please note that we cannot provide support for any of the software listed here, or your hardware. We suggest you contact the manufacturers.

File parameters:

Make sure your file is not any bigger than one megabyte, or it may not e-mail to us correctly. Your picture size should be no larger than 320x240 pixels. Please tell us which software you used to create the file, in case we have trouble playing it back.

Making a good recording:

For the best audio quality set the recording level of your microphone correctly. If it is too high your voice will be distorted, too low and we will not hear you at all.

For good video quality try to stay still in front of your camera and ensure that you are well lit. Aiming a light towards your face may help, though not too close or you will just turn your face completely white.

Record your comment in English, and speak a little more slowly than you normally would, even if English is your first language This will help people to understand you. Remember many viewers to our programme speak English as a second language.

Although you may choose to write down your comment beforehand, try to record it as if you were speaking to someone, not reading off a sheet of paper. Remember to look into the camera, if you are using one.

When you have your correctly encoded file that is less than one megabyte in size, e-mail it to us, as an attachment, to:

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