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By Kate Russell
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Kate Russell gives us another selection of sites from her "favourites" folder, for Click Online's regular Webscape slot.


I don't know about you, but I spend so much time surfing the Internet I sometimes forget there is a world outdoors.

But one of many benefits of the wonderful wide web is finding information hidden away in its pages that will supplement and enhance another hobby or activity in your life.

Ten-pin bowling has long been a favourite of old and young alike, and at bowlingindex.com you'll find all the help you need to start hitting those strikes and spares.

On the front page are links to all the latest news stories from the bowling world.

But scroll down to the bottom, and you'll find the main meat of the sites content, under sections.

Annoyingly, you seem to have to scroll to access these sections from the opening page - but once you've clicked through to the next level your options appear in a much more convenient navigation panel in the top left-hand corner.

There are product reviews and previews, information about bowling centres and tournaments around the world, a who's who and resources for industry professionals... plus, my favourite section - Instruction.

Clicking on Instruction opens up a sub-site that is laid out really clearly, with one-click access to all sorts of tips and guides.

For those really into the sport, Bob Strickland's Instruction is also one of the three worthwhile bowling columns linked below "Sections" on the opening page.

Access Art

If you're more of a creative type you might want to check out the pages of the Access Art website, for both inspiration and instruction on getting the most out of your passion for art.

AccessArt is the website of The Arts Education Exchange, a UK-based, non-profit making organisation whose aim is to bring arts educational activities to a much wider audience.

It does this online through a series of interactive workshops covering a wide range of artistic activities.

It's really easy to get stuck in. There's no registration needed - you can just browse the workshop categories by either age-range or theme.

The workshops themselves look brilliant: really cute and nicely illustrated with flash movies and such like.

They make a really fun, creative and dynamic learning tool for pupils across all the key stages, and indeed for anyone who just wants to explore their own creative potential at home.

One section worth a particular mention is the Immersive Learning Project which describes itself as a "constantly changing... digital sketchbook."

So just click through and enjoy that full-screen experience.

Sliding Puzzle

Next up, something for those fans of desktop puzzle games - and I'm talking your actual wooden desktop here, not the one in your computer...

Sliding puzzles are an old favourite, but how would you like to star in your very own version on the world wide web?

Here, you can upload any jpeg image from your hard-drive and have it turned into a sliding puzzle.

Choose the number of tiles you want and then click to upload your picture and begin puzzling.

An extra nice touch is that you can e-mail the puzzle to a friend.

It's certainly a lot of fun digging out embarrassing party snaps of friends and family, then e-mailing them the link to their own picture puzzle creation.

One tip if you do want to share: some people might not thank you for giving their e-mail address to some website that might use it as spam fodder, so mail it to yourself at a spam-proof location - like a disposable account you can close down if the traffic gets too heavy.

Then just cut and paste the link into a private e-mail to them.

Virtual message

Our final link is perhaps one of the cutest things I've seen in a long time... Get ready for a cute overload!

Do you know someone you really like?

The Internet is fast becoming the stage for a whole new dimension in personal expression - and to some, receiving a link to a virtual message like this is as commonplace as receiving a postcard through their letterbox.

Why not brighten the day for someone you like by sending them this "I Like You" message full of over-friendly Flash?

I sincerely hope you know someone you want to send that on to yourself.

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