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Video phone
Will TV on mobiles ever become the norm? You told us your views
As part of Click Online's regular feedback slot, here are some recent points you have raised while watching our programme.

First, when Spencer Kelly looked at the new technology of mobile phones that you can watch TV on, we asked for your opinions - and, as ever, got lots of them. Here are a couple - nicely succinct, by the way.

Daniel Granger, UK:

"I don't think mobile TVs will replace the television set - there have been Pocket TVs for years and people didn't stop buying or using television sets."

Well, exactly. Like a lot of technologies, TV on mobile phones seems - to us at least - to be a very attractive but essentially luxury technology. That is, something you can have if it's affordable for you. We can't see it replacing TV sets, but then the technology that is developed for the mobile phone could well end up in your home TV. Maybe we're wrong, we're sure you'll e-mail us if we are.

Mike McCarthy wrote from Nagoya, Japan:

"I saw your programme about TV on mobile phones. I live in Japan and my wife just got a phone that gets both radio and TV; the sound is tinny and really, who in their right mind wants to watch TV on a screen that size?"

Well, we think there are some that would watch TV on a mobile phone - and let's face it, we are unlikely to be watching the widescreen version of "Lawrence of Arabia" on it - and as Spencer pointed out the market is aimed at immediate pictures, news and sporting events - or even, of course, Click Online!

Next, J L Scotland asks:

"Please, could you tell me, is there a floppy disk that can hold pictures? I have heard of a 120 Mb superdisk - does it exist?"

The 120Mb floppy, or the LS 120 as it was known, did exist around 10 years ago, and never really made much of an impact, losing out to the Iomega Zip drive which at the time held 100Mb. If you want to carry around pictures we would suggest a USB memory stick, which holds 1GB. But does anyone still use floppy disks? And if so, what for? Feel free to contact us.

Finally, one of Kate's website recommendations earned us a rebuke from David Hughes.

"Why oh why did Kate give the address of Stumbleupon out? I am totally hooked and spend many hours on the site."

What can we say David? Keep looking and perhaps Kate will give you another site to distract you away from Stumbleupon.

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