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Sunday, 12 November, 2000, 14:58 GMT
SP and GP Hinduja

DAVID FROST: The Express Newspaper titles have made a remarkable somersault in recent years from being traditional Tory supporting papers they've now emerged as quite campaigning newspapers largely supportive of Labour. Sales are still struggling and now the titles are apparently up for sale. Those who have expressed an interest in buying the group the front runners according to most city analysts are a little known but powerful family of Indian businessmen, British citizens, the Hinduja brothers.

DAVID FROST: Well Gordon Brown of course is an MP the Hinduja brothers are SP and GP, known to everybody. Why have the, why have you decided first of all that you want to take over the Express?

GP HINDUJA: Firstly it's a very good business opportunity and it's a part of our long-term strategy. We have been in media business for quite a number of years in India with┐Times, In Cable and Global┐broadband Internet. So this is complimenting our overall media strategy. We believe with proper structuring inducting new fronts we can really give a new Express to establish the diveristy of Britain.

DAVID FROST: And in terms of that I presume that you will want to sell on the Daily Star for religious reasons?

SP HINDUJA: Well, I would not like to state or comment that we would like to sell, our first objective goal is to buy it achieve it and thereafter discuss with the experts what is the best thing to do for this Daily Express and moreover our concern is that how do we rewind back the Daily Express.

DAVID FROST: And what would you do to save the Daily Express, how would you change it?

GP HINDUJA: We will have to put in new money, we will have to bring the best team, good columnist, good journalist, we will have to see what the readers want, all generation where this name is well established, we have to see how the younger generation has also to be attracted to it. We have some very good business plan already made but at this stage I'm sure you won't expect us to express that.

DAVID FROST: What do you think of Rosie Boycott as Editor?

GP HINDUJA: She is a good editor, she's a friend of ours, we know her, we respect her and I think if she had a free hand she could have done much better.

DAVID FROST: And I think, I know that you're bound by a signed agreement not to reveal the exact price that you've offered, though we could probably make an educated guess, but more important is how much, people say a lot that this paper, that the Daily Mail has invested in journalists for 20 years and so on and that for the Express to catch up it's going to need a lot of money over the next few years, do you agree about that?

SP HINDUJA: Yes no doubt to revive back no funds are required, but it's not only the money it's the concept, it's the team of people so once we have been able to place them properly and everything is not money, but money, whatever is required to be inducted, we have made the provision.

DAVID FROST: And would you say that the paper will still be left-leaning or would particularly appealing to the Asian market as well?

GP HINDUJA: You see we would not like to make the paper left or right, we would like to see what is in the national interest so far as policies are concerned. We do have plans to see how it could also contribute towards the ethnic community.

SP HINDUJA: Sir David, know us that we are neither pro or anti to anyone, whatever is the best for the country.

DAVID FROST: Well we can, absolutely, well we thank you for being here in this fast-paced hectic morning we've been having here this morning and we've also read about the fact that you're going to take the faith zone and set it up somewhere else as well, so┐

SP HINDUJA: That faith zone has been very close to our heart and we are concerned about communities all over the world.

DAVID FROST: Yes. Absolutely, thank you both, thank you very much. Thank you to our MP, GP, SP and all of you this morning.


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