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Last Updated: Sunday, 29 May, 2005, 12:08 GMT 13:08 UK
And finally ...
Breakfast With Frost

Sir David Frost anchored the programme for the final time on Sunday 29 May 2005, on BBC One at 0930.

The last ever BBC Breakfast with Frost.

Sir David celebrated the past five hundred programmes (over twelve and a half years) with a special final edition.

He was joined by the former Prime Minister Sir John Major and former Labour leader Lord Kinnock.

They discussed the agony and the ecstasy of the 1992 General Election.

The Labour Party rally in Sheffield and Tory handling of the ERM were also explored in the discussion.

Tory fortunes

Sir John Major
Former Prime Minister, Sir John Major

The former Prime Minister, Sir John Major, said: "The Conservative Party needs to win back the centre ground of politics, if it is to regain power."

Sir John refused to be drawn on who he would like to see as the new leader of the party.

But he said it was essential the party united behind the eventual winner: "the first thing, self evidently, is to elect the right person as Leader.

"The second thing is to make sure that everybody in the parliamentary party, whether they were a candidate for the leadership or not, are prepared to follow and serve the new leader, and if necessary to serve him in the shadow cabinet."

End of apartheid

Archbishop Desmond Tutu
Archbishop Desmond Tutu

Archbishop Desmond Tutu reflected upon the momentous developments in South Africa, and around the world, over the past twelve years.

On the collapse of apartheid, Archbishop Tutu said he was surprised by how quickly the end came.

Rory Bremner was in the studio to remind us of some of the great characters who have graced the yellow sofa over the years.

In tribute

Children in Need certificate
The competition raised 2222.50 for BBC Children in Need
Former Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher said: "David practically invented the searching interview.

He goes out from Breakfast With Frost as he came in, at 499 not out with one ball to play - a giant of his profession".

The Prime Minister, Tony Blair said: "David's style of interviewing was often extremely deceptive because as I found to my cost on many occasions.

"Although the questioning was always courteous, he nevertheless managed to get reams of information out of you, probably more than the average politician intended.

"Certainly in my case often more than I intended, and it's great to know that David's going to go on and do other things which I'm sure he'll do brilliantly.

"And Breakfast With Frost is going to be missed".

Music was provided by Sir Willard White accompanied by Carl Davis.

The newspapers were reviewed by Carol Vorderman, Gyles Brandrethand Nigella Lawson.

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